10 Fun Things To Do While Visiting The Bahamas This Summer

The Bahamas really is a dream destination for those who would love to live the island life. Did you know that there are just about 700 islands there and only 30 of them are inhabited? That leaves you with 630 uninhabited islands that you can explore. Imagine that!! The pride and joy of the Bahamas would most probably be Nassau with its historic buildings, iconic beaches and wild hinterland locations like the “Paradisiacal Eleuthera” or the “Lucayan National Park”.

However, if you really want to get a feel for the Bahamas, you might want to go a little further away from civilization and try exploring the Out Islands. Each one of these far-flung gems has a unique personality and a host of things to do and attractions to see that will keep you bubbling with excitement while getting the most glorious of tans.

Assuming that you can summon the strength to snap out of that extremely relaxing state of mind that those white sandy beaches and that beautiful weather bring when you visit the Bahamas, here are some things you can do to take in as much of this tropical paradise as possible:

1. Plunge into Dean’s Blue Hole

What is Blue Hole? A “Blue Hole” is a sinkhole that is not only filled with water but has a submerged entrance found beneath the surface. While there many blue holes in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole stands out because it is the deepest known to man. At 663 feet (202 meters), Dean’s Blue Hole is just west of Clarence Town on Long Island and on good days, the water is so clear that you can see up to 115 feet. It is a wonderful site for divers willing to test their mettle.

2. See the Swimming Pigs

Somewhere out there in the Outer Exuma Islands is Big Major Cay, a small island ruled by pigs—that’s right, actual pigs! It is, in fact, one of the biggest attractions on this island. The pigs will swim out to your boat as you approach the island and depending on how friendly they are on the day they will hang around, swim with you guys and have some of your lunch as well. If you are pressed for time, there is a closer piggy island called White Bay.

The swimming pigs tend to come out to play when the midday sun cools down a bit. There are myths and stories of how the swimming pigs of the Bahamas got there. Some people believe that they survived a shipwreck while others think that they were left there by pirates who intended them to be a future meal but never came back. Whatever the case, they are interesting swimming companions and one of the top things to do in the Bahamas.

3. Walk the Pink Sands Beach on Harbor Island

You hear people talk of sunbathing on pristine white sandy beaches around the world but have you ever been to a pink sandy beach? In the Bahamas, you have both options. There are the white sand beaches that are very much a dime a dozen here and then there are the rare pink sandy beaches. The most famous is Pink Sands Beach that can be found on Harbor Island. This is three miles of picture-perfect pink sand fading off into aqua blue waters. This phenomenal pink color comes from a micro-organism called foraminifera and minuscule pieces of coral and shells that are washed ashore. You really must see it to believe it!