10 Most Visited Websites In Ghana

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The Top 10 Most Visited websites in Ghana with Ghanaian origin according to alexa rating are highlighted below:

10 Most Visited Websites In Ghana

10 Most Visited Websites In Ghana 2019

1. Ghana Web

A Center for Ghana: News, business, culture, education, government, latest news and general information. According to alexa, Ghana Web ranks first in Ghana in terms of top sites with Ghanaian origin.

2. Joy Online

Joy Online is a news platform where different types of news are Published. They also publish different gist, business news, entertainment news, political news, videos, photos, audio and gossips. It is owned by Multimedia Group Ltd. Joy Online is one of the leading sites in Ghana in terms of African content.

3. Peace FM

This is news platform where Nigerians can visit to read latest news and breaking news. They provide extensive content, ranging from business, entertainment, sports, and politics. Peace FM ranked 14 in the most popular sites visited in Ghana.

4. Graphic Online

This website is dedicated to providing information on latest. Graphic Online for captivating news feed complemented with good graphics

5. Jobberman

Jobberman is a website that providing information for jobs seekers. Latest job openings are posted on the site.

6. Safaribet

This is a sports betting website where Ghanaian can bet ion different type so sports.

7. OMG Ghana

OMG Ghana is yet another Site providing information of different kinds. OMG Ghana contains a collection of most Ghanaian movies and many other African movies.

8. Citi FM

Citi FM radio broadcasting station in Ghana. Citi FM Provide the trending topics relating to the state of the nation including parliament, government, president, elections and other political news.

9. All Sports

For Sports updates. All sports offers analysis and gives news regarding the same.

10. Modern Ghana

Modern Ghana provides information in sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment and general trending topics.

Base on Ghanaian origin, It is important for You to know that this Noisemakers ranking is not for all the websites visited in Ghana

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