10 worst Places To Live In abuja

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10 Worst Place to live in Abuja depends on your monthly or daily income. Because good Places in Abuja are very expensive.

Places like area 10, area 8, area 11, area 2, area 1 and area 7 in Garki, All of wuse, Jabi, Life camp, Kado, Mabushi, Maitama and Asokoro and several places along it axis are all good Places, also inclusive pending on your income.

Areas Noisemakers regard as bad place in Abuja are parts of Kubwa, Mpape, parts of Lugbe, and Karmo.

Whether good or bad Place, As long as its Abuja it really depends on your pocket.


10 worst Places To Live In abuja

Kubwa a residential district in Bwari, in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Found within the metropolitan area of Abuja.

Kubwa Community as a satellite town of Abuja has been in existence since 1990 .

Approximately 26 Kilometres from Wuse Market to Kubwa.

The Original residents of Kubwa were Gbagi but the community has became an entirely new and heterogeneous as a result of polics by the government on relocation is the real Gwagi people, Hausa, Yorubas, Igbos and other ethnic minorities


Mpape is one of the communities in the suburbs of Abuja. Popular Hillview estate is located at Mpape and sometimes called Mpape Junction because of an intersection town on the murtala Mohammed expressway

Mpape found on the foot hills and on the top of the famous Mpape Rocks that are easily sighted from the neighbouring Maitama District.

Explore Mpape

Mpape is a slum perched atop one of the undulating hills in the Federal Capital Territory The area is originally inhabited by the Gbagyis before becoming home for many workers in Abuja for its affordable accommodation and proximity.

There is heavy presence of major mining and construction companies in Mpape which has influenced the name of places in the area such as Arab Village, Berger Quarry Road I and II.
Visitors can visit the Katampe Hill and Wonderland Park which is 10km away.


Lugbe is one of the suburban settlements in Abuja. Found Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). It is largely residential and densely populated. Lugbe is about 17 minutes drive from the Central Business District of Abuja


  • National Space Development and Research Agency
  • FHA Estate
  • Voice of Nigeria Transmission Station


Lugbe is mainly a residential area and has a number of housing estates, some already completed and occupied and others still under construction, they include

  • Federal housing authority, FHA Estate
  • Wisdom Estate
  • Trademore Estate
  • NCC Estate
  • Shibann Court Estate
  • Osilama Garden Estate
  • People Paradise Estate
  • Triumph Estate


  • Aviation Village
  • Giri
  • Kyami
  • Kukwaba
  • Gousa

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