2019 People living in extreme poverty

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People living in extreme poverty, as share of world total. 2019 People living in extreme poverty, The Insights gotten from the World Bank’s recent poverty report. majority of population is currently living in extreme poverty. According to United Nations estimates, in 2015 roughly 734 million people remained under those conditions. The number had previously been measured as 1.9 billion in 1990, and 1.2 billion in 2008.

Despite the progress made by World Bank in reducing poverty, the number of people still living in extreme poverty globally remains unacceptably high.
India under our report as the country with the most poor people in the world and about Around 86.8 million Nigerians are still living in extreme poverty, a new report says.

2019 People living in extreme poverty


As share of world total.

Nigeria: 15.7%
Congo: 10%
India: 8%
Ethiopia: 4.6%
Tanzania: 3%
Bangladesh: 2.3%
South Africa: 2.3%
Indonesia: 2.1%
Yemen: 1.6%
Brazil: 1.1%
China: 0.9%
Pakistan: 0.3%
US: 0.3%
Mexico: 0.3%

(World Poverty Clock)

The world’s 7.5 billion people, in one chart

2019 People living in extreme poverty

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Nigeria is a greater economy compared to Pakistan and has nearly equal number of people as Pakistan. Clearly the inequal distribution in Nigeria is the reason for more extreme poverty.

2019 People living in extreme poverty

Some countries,particularly in Africa deliberately lower their “national poverty lines/metrics” so as to lower the percentage of people living below the poverty line in a false attempt to hide the hard truth of how much domestic economic policies have failed to eliminate poverty

One can still Check again. It uses $1.90 in international dollars, PPP methodology used by the world bank. This is all in world poverty clock’s website. So $1.90 is Pakistan is the same purchasing power as $1.90 in Nigeria.

Nigeria was the only country that failed to fight poverty under the UNMDG program from 2000-2015.
2019 People living in extreme poverty

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