3 Little Business Tips For The Covid-19 Pandemic

I was absolutely skeptical what to expect when I decided to move around the city of Lagos to ask people how it feels like to be a small business owner or an entrepreneur in this difficult time of Covid-19 a tiny virus that has paralysed the entire world economically and also put our health in great danger.
Nevertheless, everyone of the entrepreneur I spoke to showed that there were still hope alive despite the pandemic ravaging the entire world.
There is fear in the most populous city in Africa Lagos, and the entire world but entrepreneurs in Lagos has shown a wonderful and great sense of humour and leadership in the small scale businesses they handle. They have shown great compassion towards their employees and most of them has also reciprocated by standing firm with their boss.
These are the methods you can apply to come out strong as a good leader in a time of pandemic.
This steps will help you to answer all your burning questions in a time like this.

We Shall Surely Overcome.

As an MD of a Power company I’m always ready to face the great task ahead. We have 12 employees who is ever ready to sacrifice for the company, as interesting as it may sound these employees are always reminded to keep the company’s value’s and work hard at all times.
The company has designed a system that enables the employees to work from home and a few numbers work in the office in other to curtail the spread of Covid-19. A time has been set aside to  remind all employees regardless of where you are working from either home or Office to be diligent in their work for the betterment of the company.
The company has also done much in time of reviving and bring hope alive to less fortunate companies who Covid-19 has brought untold hardship which has paralysed and threatened their business to pack up. The company has given their employees a free online training which has brought hope back to their business. Philips Francis

Use Office Ideas

My I.T firm has a big office in the city of Lagos which happens to become the epicenter of the Corona Virus in Nigeria.By mid March 2020, it became obvious that everyone has to stay away from the office because of the ravaging effect of the pandemic for safety of the workers. Everyone has to work from home with the help of the online face applications like Zoom which has made more profits than ever since the pandemic started.Zoom and other Video applications which the employees used helped them to work efficient and effectively in carrying out their duties. Abbey Jones.

Be Hopeful In Difficult Times

Entrepreneurs and CEO of small businesses are required to be hopeful in difficult times like this because people who wish to start similar business are looking up them for encouragement. Don’t allow yourself to be punished by the uncertainty¬† of the pandemic because if you do, you will see yourself fall and may never recover again.
As an entrepreneur if you want to lead a firm and be successful you will need to embrace hope in adversity, you should also be able to manage people’s mentality as well.

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