Health Hygiene Tips To Help Your Home Stay Clear Of Covid-19

A lot of questions has actually come up concerning ways to stay safe from Corona Virus questions like can I contract Covid-19 from food what method would I use to carry out my laundry. There has been lots of anxiety and uncertainty as offices and families takes up the task in keeping their loved ones safe and healthy in this time of Corona Virus. There has been some serious misinformations regarding the virus which has practically puts everyone at risk of what exactly to expect.

As a matter of fact there has been series of research going on regarding the Covid-19 but we do know that the virus is been transmitted through coughing and sneezing of an infected person. It can also be transmitted through a direct contact of an infected persons or surfaces that has been touched by infected person. The virus can last for hours or even days on a contanminated surface. But one thing is sure disinfectant can destroy the virus.

We have come up with some expert information on COVID-19 and the possible ways to keep it out of your home.

Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Safe Against COVID-19

Some little and simple personal hygiene measures that can help keep your family’s health safe.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Stay away from touching your eyes nose and mouth

Sneeze Or Cough Into Your Elbow

Make sure to use your face mask, if you must cough or sneeze cover your mouth and nose with your elbow so that you won’t pass it across to another person. You can also use tissue paper and make sure you dispose after use.

Practice Social Distance

Distance yourself from people who are sick with fever, couching and sneezing. You can at least maintain a distance of one meter.

Wash Your Hands Properly and Regularly

Washing of hand is one of the most important thing when observing personal hygiene, so therefore in this time of corona virus, washing of hand is the best line of defence which can enable you and your family defeat COVID-19. Make sure you wash your frequently with soap under running water for at least 30 seconds

Endeavour to wash your hands when you the restroom in the office or at home before preparing or eating your meal.

Hand sanitizer is also another effective method by which you can use to protect yourself and family from corona virus. If you must use sanitizer ensure that it contains at least 60- 70 percent of alcohol make sure the sanitizer covers all parts of your hands and rub your hand together for at least 30 seconds until your hand is dry very well. Wash your hand when it’s visibly dirty.

Water, cold or warn can kill germs and virus effectively as long as you can apply soap.

Keeping The Home Clean

Disinfecting frequently touch areas and surfaces in the home always, will help reduce the chances of getting infected by corona virus

By following instructions on how to use cleaning products in your home and the necessary precautions to take will help keep your family safe. Wearing your glove and ventilating the house properly is a way of staying safe from the deadly corona virus.

Frequently Touch Surface To Disinfect In Your Home

Highly touch surfaces that requires constant cleaning in our homes include mobile phones, computer, tablets, keyboard,remote control, chairs,door handles tables,handrails, taps toilet light switch,kitchen and bathroom surface, toys.

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