5 Flexible, Cheap Eating Tips That Is Healthy During This COVID 19 Outbreak.

The outbreak of Corona virus has devastated families around the world, parents with children has in one way or the other has found themselves stuck at home because child care has become a necessity for them and what to eat a huge challenge.

The panic of buying and disruptions of food chain system means some vital foods can be hard to find. Job loss and lost of resources has made food shopping an additional financial challenge

Understandable parents has figured out ways to get already made food as a fast and cheap way to feed the family during this pandemic because family comes first.

Lets discuss the five nutritious diet that will help support the growth and development of your family and their healthy eating habit.

Maintain Your Fruits Vegetables

It is advised that young children should get plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet even if there is lockdown. But we all know that storing and preparing of fresh vegetables can be very difficult most especially during a challenging time like this one we found ourselves into right now. Fruits and vegetables can be frozen as long as it’s gotten fresh so that it can retain it’s nutrients. When you use fresh vegetables to prepare meals it will make it last longer and also make available different options of food to eat for some couple of days.

In The Absence Of Fresh Food alternate With Canned or Dried Foods.

When fresh foods (Fruits and vegetables) are not available there seems to be other alternative food that are healthy for the family keep and cook as well. Food like canned chickpeas and beans that has a lot of nutrients can be preserved for weeks, months and even years. Oil fish that are stored in cans such as Sardines, Mackerel and Salmon are very nutritious, protein and Omega 3 fatty acids which is very rich in vitamins and minerals. These can be prepared as part of a warm meal or it can be used cold in sandwiches, salad or pasta dishes.

In a situation whereby fresh produce or frozen fruits and vegetables are hard to come by, canned vegetables like tomatoes which has low quantity of vitamins than fresh vegetables can step in as an alternative.

Pulses and grains like rice, split peas lentils, couscous or quinoa which are dried are also very nutritious and long lasting options that are tasty and affordable. Rolled Oats prepared with water or milk can be taken as breakfast and it is very nice in the body system.

Healthy Snacks Storage For Use.

The corona virus lockdown which has kept most people indoors can cause unnecessary to eat more food. Snacks or few which you give to your kids during the day can keep them going. Salty snacks or sweet that you give to your kids are not healthier enough but you can choose to go for much more healthier foods like nuts,cheese, Yoghurt, fruits dried one boiled eggs. These foods are nutritious and much more filling and it will help you develop a good healthy eating habit that last a lifetime.

Cut Down Foods That Are Highly Processed

Fresh fruits and vegetables might not always be available for family to eat but at the same time try as much as possible to cut short of highly processed food from your cart when shopping. Bear it in mind that Ready to eat foods, dessert, and packaged snacks are very high in saturated fat, sugar and salt. When buying your processed foods check the label and make sure you can choose food with healthier options that contains less of the substance mentioned above. Stay away from drinks that contains lots of sugar but rather drink lot of water. If you would like to add an extra flavor to your water try adding lime, lemon and berries.

Cooking And Eating Should Be A Part Of Fun For The Family.

Preparing Food together is a wonderful avenue to develop healthy routines and strengthening the existing family bond. Children can get involved in cooking by sorting out food items while others who are older can do other difficult task in the food preparation.

Make sure as a family you stick to the fixed meal time, the structure of mealtime you create and stick to, can help reduce anxiety for children in these time of COVID 19.

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