Covid-19: Dexamethasone Gains Ground As WHO Endorses It For Treating Critical Covid 19 Cases.

This is a good news for everyone suffering from COVID-19 disease as the World Health Organization is about to give a green light for the recently discovered drug to cure COVID-19 disease. Dexamethasone, was yesterday by WHO as a possible cure for saving the lives patients who are critically sick with the virus COVID-19.

As the race kick started 3 months ago to look for a drug to cure and prevent corona virus from taking people’s lives. Dexamethasone is the breakthrough in the world race to discover an effective medicine for cure and prevention of the virus.

The first Laboratory testing result from the UK showed that dexamethasone, a cortices steroid is likely to be a life- saving drug for patients who are critically down with COVID-19.

The initial findings which was shared by the UK scientist with WHO, it shows that patients on ventilators treatment indicated to minimize mortality by one third while patients requiring only Oxygen mortality was reduced by about one fifth. The gain was only observed in patients critically sick with COVID-19 but not seen in patients with mild disease.

According to Director General of WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, he said that this is the first treatment which shows to reduce mortality in patients who are suffering from COVID-19 that requires Oxygen or ventilator support.

WHO Director General in a brief message congratulated the UK government especially the University of Oxford and many other hospitals in the UK that has in one way or the other contributed to this wonderful life saving historic scientific achievement.

It was further discovered that dexamethasone is a steroid which as has been used since the early 1960’s to treat inflammation which includes inflammatory disorders and some kind of cancers in patients. It has been on the list of WHO model essential drugs since 1977. It is actually off patent. It’s very affordable and available in most countries of the world.

Those in charge of this great research only gave an insight about the result of the trial with WHO. World health Organization has assured the world that they will take a further analysis of this wonderful intervention. WHO has also promised to update how and when this drugs can be used to treat COVID -19 patients.

After the endorsement of dexamethasone came as a surprise yesterday, Nigeria President Muhammad Buhari in a brief interview revealed that the country is ready to partner with any region in the world level to tackle and defeat the pandemic.

In a brief message the president further stressed that more Isolation centres would be built and well equipped to battle the pandemic. He also promised that the bed capacity would be increased and added to the existing isolation centres in Nigeria. Medical specialist participated via a video link to learn from an event organized by experts to share experience which would enable them to be at the top of their game. China was among the country that shared their knowledge and experience because that’s where the pandemic actually started.

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