Covid-19 Vaccine Discovered By Nigerian Scientists

Scientists under the COVID-19 research team recently revealed the discovery of a vaccine for the prevention of the virus.

Dr. Oladipo Adeleke, the head of research on COVID-19 group addressed a news conference where he revealed that the vaccine is locally manufactured for Africans

A medical expert known as Kolawole who specializes in Virology, Immunology and Bioinformatics at Adeleke University in a statement revealed that the vaccine in any case would work in other parts of the world by the time it is out for use by the public.

He also revealed that Immunodeficiency Laboratory and Biogen Consult, Ogbomosho has support and funded the project with a large sum of 7.8m

Mr Kolawole further said that the group has explored extensively the SAR-CoV-2 genome from African region to pick the possible vaccine candidates.

He also revealed that as a group of researchers they have selected some process of vaccine development and the have been able to select the potential match for the SAR-CoV-2.

Speaking on how soon the the vaccine would revealed to the public, Kolawole said in a couple of months the vaccine will be released.

The scientists said a lot of analysis are still going on and their would be some medical authorities approval before the release of the vaccine.

According to the Acting Vice Chancellor of Adeleke University Prof. Solomon Adebola the University is ready to support the funding of the research so that the vaccine will be popular.

The professor expressed his joy by saying that the vaccine that would solve a global problem like COVID-19 is coming from his University.

He further revealed that the school is passionate to be a part of the solution provider to a world disease like corona virus. He promised to give every support to the research team to bring the vaccine to a reality.

Prof. Julius Oloke who is the Coordinating unit of research team and vice Chancellor of Cornerstone University Ibadan testified to the reality of the vaccine.

The prof. said that he was delighted to be a part of this wonderful team that came together to produce a vaccine that would be a solution to the world ravaging pandemic.

He continued by saying that this is an evidence that Africa is working to become a world solution provider.

He assured the general public that the vaccine is real, that is targeted at Africans but it can also be effective on other races.

He revealed that there are a lot of scientific effort that has been invested on this programme so it cannot be faked.

He also made the public to understand that the number of people that need the vaccine is in much larger number than the number of people that need the drug that’s why the researchers focused more on the vaccine.

It’s a happy thing that Nigeria will be reckoned with among other countries that have made intense effort to curb the ravaging virus that has claimed over two hundred thousand lives and over 2 million confirmed cases around the world.

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