COVID-19: Possible Analysis Of Corona virus Cases Could Hit 250k

According to experts, it’s assumed that by the end of the year Corona virus cases could reach up to 250k. Going by the daily increase in the number of confirmed cases there is no doubt that by December this year,Nigeria will not have outrageous number of COVID-19. Just only Thursday last week Nigeria recorded 745 new cases which is the highest since the pandemic began

Corona Virus has increased so tremendously as the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control ramped up testing across the states. As at June, 18 2020 the total number of the testing done by the government is 106,006 as against 63,885 as of May 2020. It will interest you to know that’s about 40% of the total number. As the record have it, it shows that 2,340 is been tested per day in the month of June, while other developed countries test 20,000 per day.

Nigeria records about 20 cases out of every 100 persons tested. According to the analysis it shows that June alone records about 462 per day.

The information above is basically an estimate because NCDC has not officially released any daily positivity test for the country.

The positivity test rate is simply the means by which the Federal government records test of cases that returned positive for COVID-19. This is seen as the most sure means to determine the testing

The sickest patients who seeks medical attention and ended up testing positive are the numbers recorded by the NCDC.

WHO has warned that governments all over the world should see positivity rate below 5% before relaxing the lock down but in the case of Nigeria the positivity rate is still at 19.7%.

According to the research conducted by John Hopkins University, they found out that Brazil has the highest daily positive rate with 36.68%, followed by Mexico with 18.71%. Sweden rate is 15%, followed by the USA and the UK at 13.76% and 13.01 respectively. India’s positive rate is 8.73%

Consequences Of The Lock Down

The reported increase in the rise of confirmed cases and death as a result of corona virus in Lagos has caused the Lagos State Government to reverse the proposed plan to ease the lockdown. The federal government has also reversed the idea of reopening up the local airport and the Lagos state government has also suspended their plans of reopening the worship centres until further notice. Worship centre was initially proposed to reopen on June 21 2020.

As the centres were at the verge of reopening the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu cancelled the plan until there is a decrease in the number of death and confirmed cases.

The State governor released a statement saying that there has been a close monitoring of the situation, that the government has come to a conclusion that the plan to reopen worship centres has been suspended.

He said that this not a decision that should be taken lightly, he made the general public to understand that, it is simply in line with the ongoing evaluation of evolving scenarios regarding the cause of the virus in Lagos and corresponding public health advisory guidance issue by the medical experts.

According to the presidential task force on COVID-19, the June 21 2020 which was declared as the reopening of the local airport is no longer attainable. Boss Mustapha the chairman of the presidential task force on COVID-19 said that there are increased cases and it called for a concern, so therefore every plan is suspended until further notice.

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