NCDC Warns Again That No State Is Free Of Corona Virus

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu who is the Director-General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and also a top member of the presidential Task Force on COVID -19 reiterated on 22nd of June 2020 that no state in Nigeria is completely free from corona virus.

In one of his argument yesterday as the PTF was giving update and also answering questions on COVID 19. He said that we all now currently live in a society where viruses spread, He continued by saying that we can only talk about states been free of the disease when we have an effective tools to fight the virus and that is when we discover the vaccine.

He added this comment as a result of the declaration WHO made concerning Nigeria been a polio free nation, due to this declaration the DG of NCDC, emphasized more that Nigeria has not defeated the deadly corona virus, so therefore everyone need to still be vigilante and take the necessary measures needed.

He further stressed that no single state in Nigeria is free from corona virus, he insisted that testing must continue because that’s the only way to detect people with COVID19, so that if we can’t prevent at least we can detect and stay safe. He called for more testing laboratories within the country to be up and doing.

The DG said that a PTF team made up of NCDC and WHO representatives visited some states to know how prepared they are and how they have been able to control the spread of the virus, he mentioned states like Edo, Plateau, Lagos and Akwa Ibom, he added that they have worked very hard to help every single state by supporting and also help them grow it’s capacity.

The DG did not hid his feelings about how Nigerians are disobeying the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

Dr. Aliyu Sani, the PTF coordinator reminded Nigerians that the ban on Inter-State travel has not been lifted.

He lamented that Nigerian citizens are not taking the COVID-19 Pandemic seriously which has resulted to an increase in the community transmission

Dr. Sani then canvassed for an increase in the testing of people in their various local areas in the states. He further reminded the people that there is no shame in testing positive to COVID -19 because the various is not a death sentence. He therefore pleaded with the people to carryout the test so that the government will know the level of COVID-19 in the country. Failure to carryout the test will put more people in danger and also the health workers.

Therefore the chairman of the Task Force Boss Mustapha made it clear that failure to take responsibility reduces the effort, gain and progress the team had recorded, and that definitely threatens our whole population.

The NCDC has revealed a new polymerase chain reaction machine which was bought from the UK for about £661,000 from the UK Aid funding, UK made this commitment to the Nigerian government through their branch of WHO in Nigeria earlier this year.

This particular facility is seen as the most accurate laboratory method for detecting, tracking and studying the COVID-19. This machine will help Nigeria carryout up to 3,000 test daily.

Ndidiamaka who is the press and public affairs officer of the British commission said that the UK government and the Nigerian government has been working closely and collaborating in respect to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria since January 2020.

Thia machine was given to the Director-General of the NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu and Dr. Fiona Braka who is the Immunization team lead and current officer-in-charge of WHO at the central Public Health Laboratory, which is one of the campus of the NCDC National Reference Laboratory in Lagos on Sunday.

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