Countries with Strong BCG Vaccination Regime Records Less COVID-19 Deaths Reports Says.

According to a new report by some researchers mostly from United States, United Kingdom and Nigeria have discovered that countries with strong Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Vaccination Strategy are having lesser COVID-19 deaths

These researchers further said that more finding will be conducted to know the level of protection given by the immunization to prevent the Severe Acute Respiratory corona virus type 2(SARS-CoV-2)

BCG is simply known as the routine vaccine been administered to new born babies in Nigeria few hours or days after their birth to safeguard them from tuberculosis.

According to the review issued in the magazine of infectious disease and Epidemiology which is called, A multi-country level comparison of BCG Vaccination plans and COVID-19 cases and mortality, found that the ordinary vaccine could curb the deadly COVID-19.

The researchers were able to cross- examine and they found out that there is a relationship between BCG Vaccination blueprint and corona virus infections in 178 countries.

Some information and samples on the BCG programmes from nations around the world were removed from the BCG world atlas and the World Health Organization on the COVID-19 report of April, 7 2020. Tests which were used to determine statistical significance is the Chi Square. A ranking order correlation by name spearman it was introduced to know actually if there is any kind of relationship between the BCG scheme and COVID-19 cases and also death in the nations that was picked.

The researchers bringing in a good correlation they found out that, two nations which never had the BCG scheme had above one hundred thousand confirmed cases and a high number of deaths.

The recent work contradicts the World Health Organization’s article of April 12, 2020.

According to scientific findings of the global agency, it shows that there is no prove that the Bacille Calmette Guerin vaccine (BCG) saves people from the disease with COVID 19 virus. WHO has promised that there are two clinical trials which will prove and address this serious question and evaluate the prove.

So therefore for now since there is no serious prove to show that BCG Vaccination can prevent COVID-19, So WHO has not in any way recommended this BCG for any country to use.

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  1. Some scientists suggested that BCG vaccination could confer protection against COVID 19 based on their demographic study..
    BCG ( Bacille Calmette Guerin) vaccine is a vaccine usually given to new born babies few days after their birth to prevent them from TB.
    WHO objected that their is no direct prove that BCG vaccine would confer protection against COVID 19 and as such would not recommend it’s use .
    I personally would suggest that WHO should come up with their own scientific proven remedy for this killer virus that is ravaging the world.. people are dying day by day .. WHO should do something.
    Ken T


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