594 New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Recorded In Nigeria Total hits 22,614

The Nigeria centre for disease control has released 594 confirmed cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the overall total number to 22,614 in the country.

This was made known to Nigerians via the twitter handle of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Thursday.

Seven deaths was recorded on Thursday alone and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced that the 594 new confirmed cases were from 22 states in Nigeria.

Lagos in the usual way recorded the highest number of confirmed cases with about 154 new confirmed cases and Delta state is the second in line with 106 new confirmed cases.

Here are some of the following states and the number of new confirmed cases. Adamawa -15, Ogun- 12, Osun-11, Abia-8, Rivers- 6, Nasarawa-5, Ondo-14, Oyo-33, Kaduna-33,Edo- 34, Enugu- 28, Katsina- 25 Imo- 22, Bauchi- 5, Niger-5, Kebbi-4,Ekiti- 3, Plateau-1 and Taraba-1.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control also revealed that 22,614 cases are the actual number of the confirmed cases, 14,243 are active cases, 7,822 are being treated and discharge while 549 People have died from the virus in 35 states including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Non- Pharmaceutical action should and must be put in place so that Nigerians can it to themselves from getting the virus. This is simply using the face mask, Physical Distancing and always washing our hands, since the NCDC is yet to receive any vaccine to fight the virus.

Loss of taste and smell has now been seen as the signs and symptoms of the novel corona virus and it can also be seen as symptoms for other sicknesses, these was revealed by the health agency in Nigeria recently.

The best thing to do when you notice the signs is just to self Isolate yourself and call medical experts instead of going on a self medication on the assumption that it may be malaria.

Individuals who are at a high risk of complications should not wear the cloth mask which people use as substitute for the medical mask.

NCDC further warned that face shield is not enough to stop the transmission of COVID-19, so in that regard face mask should also be worn to avoid transmission of the virus.

Observation shows that the use of face shield has increased,instead of face mask. It’s advised that Nigerians should not use face shield but use face mask.

The loss of smell or taste has also be recognized worldwide as the symptoms of COVID-19.

The NCDC and PTF has pleaded with Nigerians to stick to the public measures and also take care of the Older people and those with underlying medical conditions because they are most vulnerable.

A lot private laboratories had indicated interest in collaborating with the government and many had already gone into action.

The highest number of private laboratories are located in Lagos, the agency had urged the citizens to hold NCDC and the government responsible for failure to be tested.

According to the agency they have provided the necessary testing infrastructure. The Genexperts would be sent to seven states within the federation. The challenge of getting tested is no longer a problem but collecting the sample is the problem.

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