Peter Okoye Of The Defunct Psquare Test Positive For COVID-19 Together With His Family

Peter Okoye (Mr P) of the defunct Psquare has just announced that two of his domestic staff has contracted the deadly corona virus, including him and his wife and daughter.

The talented musician made this known to the world with the series of video he posted on his verified twitter handle yesterday.

He confirmed that, for more than three weeks he has been sick and people could not figure out what exactly was wrong with him. He didn’t disclose anything to anyone but rather I kept it to myself. For the past few weeks it’s has been hell for me and my beautiful family.

Peter Okoye had COVID-19 for three weeks he was sick and tested positive. He said that for the past few weeks it’s been completely rough for his family in his house ,and not only him but together with his two domestic staff.

According to him after a week he fell sick, his daughter caught the virus too. When she caught the virus, the private doctor in charge told the family that she must be self- isolated in her room but my wife insisted that would not happen.

I was self- isolated in my guest room and I felt very bad that I could not see my daughter. I was mad at myself because I am the one who actually brought the virus back home. I had no other option than to always reach my daughter via a video call.

Few days later my wife call me and started crying and I asked her what happened, and she told me that she has gone to pick our daughter from the room where the doctor kept her, she made it clear to me that she would rather get infected and stay with her. Mr P urged the general public to stay safe and most important fellow the guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus.

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