Ways AUCHI Polytechnic Acquires Post Utme Questions

Auchi Polytechnic is a well recognized institution in Nigeria, it’s located in Edo State, Auchi town to be precise.

Auchi Post Utme And How To Answer It.

The 2020 post utme examination is here again and all the prospective candidates would want to get the information of where their questions comes from and how the school set their questions for examination. But the truth still remains that all universities and polytechnic in Nigeria get all their UTME post examination questions from secondary school topics. I want to assure you that you don’t have anything to fear because Auchi polytechnic post Utme is one of the cheapest in Nigeria.

Our Discussion For Today:

How and Where does Auchi Polytechnic gets post Utme questions which they set for their prospective candidates. Just relax and learn where the question comes from and how to pass the examinations once and you will never think of writing it again.

According to our research, we have been able trace the Auchi Polytechnic English questions to Dandy publication which is the Dandy English and Waec and Jamb English.

Do you want to do very well in the Auchi Polytechnic examinations, then you have to study the Waec pack and in addition dandy English publication very well. If you study this two packages very well, nothing will stop you from making it through.

Now I guess you would be wondering how to pass other subjects apart from English. Don’t worry the only magic you can apply to scale through other subjects is simply studying your Waec and Jamb past question papers and also follow the syllabus. If you do this, the sky will be your starting point.

Auchi Polytechnic: Three Major Challenges That make Students Fail.

There are three major challenges that cause candidates to always fail when it come to post Utme. We’re going to have to discuss it right now.


Over the years Auchi Polytechnic has been known for outrageous number of questions, so if you are a science student that deals with calculation, maybe you should have a rethink because there are too many calculations but limited time to solve the problem.

Ban of Calculator use

Another major challenge that makes candidate fail is the prohibition of calculator in the examination hall, no candidate is allowed to make use of calculator, so those subjects that has to do with calculating, you will find it difficult to pass them and the time is always limited.

Time For Preparation

The time to prepare is another major problem, as a matter of fact the time frame between the registration of the Auchi Polytechnic post Utme and the examination is absolutely limited. In this case it will only require those with a very strong abilities to pass the examination when you have no time to prepare.

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