Registration Of 2020 Waec Exam And Date Updated

The WAEC Registration and Exam date has been decided by the authorities. Rumours have it that the WAEC examination will start in August and end by September but the examination board has denied, that such news never emanated from the exam board.

But the fact remains that the new WAEC exam timetable for the 2020 Senior Secondary Certificate exam will be out very soon.

Are you in search of where to get the current news on WAEC udates, timetable, how to make it in WAEC once and for all, or are you looking for free online or hardcopy of WAEC past question papers, WAEC CBT practice platform, then go nowhere stay here with me on this blog and you will get all your answers. I would like to clear your doubt about what people say concerning how difficult WAEC is, and how people fail WAEC exam but trust me it’s all a lie. All you need is to be rightly informed on the right steps to take and the books to read that would help your preparation for the WAEC exam.

Please be reminded that the release of WAEC result is now within a period of 45 days while the original WAEC result would be released within less than 2 years.

1 .The Online WAEC Registration For Schools.

Please kindly be reminded that this step is not for the prospective WAEC candidates but rather it’s for the owners of the school. The online Registration which is also known to be the e-Registration for the West Africa Examination Council is a user friendly Registration package. It gives room for secondary schools to register their students via the internet. This e-Registration can simply be done by the owners of the secondary schools all they need to do is log on to

The authorities of the schools are advised to print out the syllabus and the timetable during the e-Registration so that candidates can have access to the timetable and syllabus which will enable them prepare properly for the exam.

Simple Guideline For WAEC e-Registration

  • Examination payment.
  • Identity the Exam officers
  • Register the Students
  • Review the candidates information to avoid mistakes.
  • Make sure you generate the Exam numbers
  • Download the information
  • Lastly offline Registration

These are the simple steps your school will follow to get you registered, so don’t bother trying to register yourself.

  • Log on to the website
  • Click on the May/June Exam Icon
  • Log in as a new user
  • Input the vital details like the centre number, passport photograph, subject of the the candidate, name and surname of the candidate
  • Click on the checkbox by the confirmation statement to confirm that all the information including the uploaded passport photograph are correct.
  • You can go ahead to download the timetable, syllabus and Registration templates
  • The Registration continues from here.

Do not forget that before a principal or the exam officer can access the e-Registration website,the school must purchase the online Registration scratch card or the voucher from the WAEC zonal office of that particular state where the school located. Then the exam officer can now use the pin number of the card to access the e-Registration website and sign up as a new user.

2.The Registration Price For The 2020 WAEC exam

It’s no longer a new thing or news that lots of schools in Nigeria mostly Private secondary school charges candidates as high as #60,000 and more for Registration in various centres to register them for WAEC.

For your information the actual price for WAEC Registration is about 12,000. We will advise you to look for schools that charges less. Do not forget that Federal government colleges charge fat lower WAEC Registration fee, So look for this school and enroll yourself for your WAEC exam. It’s also a well known fact that the so called “Miracle centre” charges very outrageous Registration fee.

3. Make Your WAEC EXAM ONCE.

What did you hear about writing WAEC and how difficult it can be, have they told you that you cannot pass WAEC without the the help of Expo or runs, But I have a good news for you, I can can authoritatively tell you that you can pass your WACE without Expo or runs as it’s popularly known. If you have the chance to ask question in the hall do not hesitate to do so, but that does not mean you should enter the Exam hall.

4. Expo In WAEC How, It Works.

In a situation where someone forwards WAEC answers to you via text messages or social network that is simply an expo and exam malpractice. Everyone knows that some WAEC centres are simple called special centres . Please have it at the back of your mind that this so called miracle centres or special centres can affect your result negatively, you never know some of the answers forwarded to you might be totally wrong but because you don’t know anything, you will just go ahead to write rubbish. If you are unlucky the exam board can suspend the school’s examination result of where you wrote the exam and you will be greatly affected. So please just work hard and pass your examination because if you do, definitely you will never regret it and you shall come out in flying colours.

5. Every School Accept Candidates For Exam

Almost all secondary schools in Nigeria accept Candidates, So you can write your WAEC in any school of your choice. Go to the centre which you have in your mind, walk to the office of the Vice- Principle or the Principal and just indicate that you are interested in writing the WAEC with their school. Don’t forget that you don’t have to be a students of any particular school before you will be allowed to write the Exam. Bear in mind that this schools charge very high Registration fee for the external candidates.

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