Breaking News: Waec Announces date For The Exam

The WAEC Registration and Exam date has been decided by the authorities. The exam will commence on 4th of August and end on 5th September.

I Want To Know If Someone Can Write My Waec Exam

Don’t go there at all, nobody can write your Waec Exam for you, so brace up and face the reality. Anything apart from you writing it, is refer to as malpractice and impersonation and it’s punishable by law.

Passing your Waec exam should not be an issue as long as you can read and write, all you need is little effort on your own part and everything will be fine. Do you know that deaf and blind write Waec too and they come out on flying colours, so you too can also pass your Waec. Be reminded that you are free to contact the principal of your school, if by any chance you fall sick during the Waec Exam. With the knowledge of the school authority someone can possibly be assigned to write your exam for you.

Possible Tips To Get Hold Of Waec Past Questions and Answers.

Studying Waec past Question is one of the very important role you play while preparing for your Waec Exam. The use of Waec past question papers effectively can boost your grade in the west Africa Examination Council. Go and look for Waec past question papers and study it very well, you will be amazed at what your grade would be after the exam. Don’t also forget to follow the 2020 Waec syllabus.

Simple ways you can access the Waec past questions.

  • Ask your senior colleagues in school who are serious minded students they can help you with their own past question paper.
  • You can use the internet especially the popular search engine Google.
  • Check out some recommended book shops they can help you get the past question papers.

Simple Tips On How To Read For Waec.

Do you know that the way you prepare for your class exam is completely different from the way you prepare for the West Examination Council. One of the tactics you should learn while studying for your Waec, you have to endure long hours studying, ensure that you don’t lose concentration that would enable you to remember everything that you have read, so that you can use it effectively in the exam hall.

Why Waec Withholds Results

Have you ever asked yourself why Waec seize candidate result. In west Africa, most especially Nigeria where exam malpractice is a norm. These are the three major reasons why Waec seize candidate result. If there is any mistake while completing your Waec form your result might be seized , another major reason is examination malpractice which sometimes warrant some candidate to seek for special centres where they can be free to cheat in the hall and sometimes when Waec discovers some irregularities the entire centre will be withheld. The last one is the mistake on the part of the exam board, the officials sometimes misplaces the result of the candidates which can also lead to result withheld.

Deadline For Waec 2020 Registration

Registration deadline for Waec are being released yearly but sometimes the registration gets extension. The Registration deadline for 2020 Waec is January 2020.

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