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5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019

Five things involved in starting up any business In a Layman’s language, 5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019, business is an act if buying and selling to make profit but in today’s world it is more than just that. Business is not allowed about waking up one morning and start selling something or offering a particular service, there are a lot of factor than one has to consider and think through before a business can stand.

5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019
5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019

Here are the 5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019:

  • Develop a powerful message.
  • Focus on the customer and fully understand the market.
  • Start small and grow.
  • Understand your own strengths, skills, and time available.
  • Surround yourself with advisors and mentors.
  • Get a SCORE mentor.
  • Write a business plan.


Business has a lot to do with putting in effort and strategies in order to make it become more profitable. A successful business is not just something you start for the sake of doing business in order not to be idle. It is something that requires a lot of thinking and brain storming on how best to make it work.

5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2019

1. Idea Before one can establish a successful business, he/she must have a viable idea. In business, coming up with an idea is the ability of one to become creative and innovative. Ideas deals with one having that opportunity on ways they can develop a new product/service or how to improve on the already existing one to make more better in order to meet the needs or wants of consumers. Remember in business, your idea is meant to do two things a. Either to solve a problem or b. Satisfy a need/want.

2. Planing: Immediately you must have conceived an idea, the next step is to get w business plan for the business. A business plan is a road map which outlines the things to do in order to achieve a goal. Having a plan guides you on how best to run your business in a profitable way in order to reduce risk involved in business and to increase maximum efficiency with the available time and resources.

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3.Organizing: After planing, the next step is organizing the business in the way it should be. Remember, planing states where the business will be leading to while organizing states how the business will get there. Organizing has to do with getting all requirements that has to do with business to be in an an orderly way so as to result to the desired outcome/expectation. Also, structural consideration such as chain of command, division of labor and assignment of responsibility are all part of organizing.

4. Setting up: Right after organizing, the next step is to set up the business fully. Setting up deals with a lot of procedures like getting a place for the business (office/building) , getting your product/services ready for use, employing staffs to help out with the daily activities of the business etc

5.Executing: This is the final step of starting up a business. Here, the business is now in full action and operating as it should.

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