6 Rules to Work Less and Get More Results

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6 WAYS TO PERFORM A BIG TASK MORE EFFECTIVELY. 6 Rules to Work Less and Get More Results, Sometimes it might be required of us to perform a big/heavy task but as humans performing a big task might be strenuous and difficult for us to start and complete.

That is why, we should always think of ways and strategies to make such task lighter and easier for us to perform and work on.

6 Rules to Work Less and Get More Results

6 Rules to Work Less and Get More Results

Here are 6 Rules to Work Less and Get More Results

1. Define project or task : Yea, before you agree to start any task whether small or big it is very necessary for you to get to understand the task definition i.e understand what is required of you in order to make the completion of the task a success ,also the amount of work that you have to put in , what the end goal or achievement of the task is and any other requirement you might consider too.

2. Break down big task into smaller unit: A big task can not be completed in a day ,so you need to break down and divide the task into simpler units and days that will make it a lot more easier for you to work on without feeling any stress or difficulty at all. Breaking down big task into simpler units makes the task to be more productive and effective at the end because you took quality time and commitment to complete it.

3. List out steps: Make a list of the steps that is involved in completing the task, write it out on a sheet of paper so that it will serve as a reminder to you that you have tasks to do.

4. Set time limit: Set out a specific time like how many hours that you have to perform the task per day and make sure you follow the time as when due.

5. Avoid procrastination: Avoid putting delay to the task you have to perform in order to be more productive and effective. Remember, procrasination kills productive and also the rate at which task is done.

6. Take a rest/break in between task: To be more productive at doing a task , it is necessary for you to take rest or break in between task so that you can gain enough strength to continue and finish the task ahead.

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