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Noisemakers is a Career, News, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Education, Celebrity Gossips and Jobs blog. It’s a reliable source of authentic information at your finger tips.

Noisemakers is borne out of burning desire to change and impact lives possibly with a reliable source of information from every facet of life.

With the educational and career tips that I share in this blog, it will help the younger students who are seeking to gain admission into the higher institutions and also the information from us, in the areas of career will help the young graduate to get their desired dream jobs.

Noisemakers was also borne out of desire to satisfy the general public for their passion to read matters concerning Current Affairs, Politics, Celebrity Gossips and General News and Matters concerning life as a whole.

This blog is very interesting too, to wake up the minds of younger ones who wishes to go far in their academic pursuit.

The common related topics I treat here includes; Making Legitimate Money Online, Scholarship and Jobs Updates, School News, Blogging and SEO, Examination Guide both Internal and External, Skill Acquisition, Admission, and Students Lifestyle in general.

Kingsley Amaechi is my name, I’m the one behind Noisemakers blog. I’m a Philanthropist, an Entrepreneur, Blogger, I Earned a Degree in History(I’m a Historian), an Educationalist, CEO, One King Energy ventures. I’m passionate about supporting the girl child in our world today where a girl child is treated like nothing.