Adree Edmo Bio, Age, Family, Transgender woman

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Adree Edmo Bio

Adree Edmo Bio: Adree Edmo is a transgender woman previously known as Mason Dean Edmo. Who changed her legal name to Adree Edmo and the sex on her birth certificate to female.

Adree Edmo Bio, Age, Family, Transgender woman

Adree Edmo Sentenced to Serve 10 Years in Prison

Edmo has been incarcerated since pleading guilty in 2012 to sexual abuse of a 15-year-old male at a house party. Court documents read that Edmo has “viewed herself as female since age 5 or 6. She struggled with her gender identity as a child and teenager, resenting herself intermittently as female, but around age 20 or 21 she began living full-time as a woman. Edmo was diagnosed in prison with gender dysphoria. She changed her legal name to Adree Edmo and the sex on her birth certificate to female and while in prison “consistently presented as female, despite receiving many disciplinary offense reports for doing so,” court records show. She was disciplined for wearing makeup and “feminine” hairstyles.

Gender dysphoria is defined as a distress caused by a discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and that person’s sex assigned at birth, the court said. “Edmo is a transgender woman in IDOC custody. Her sex assigned at birth was male, but she identifies as female. In her words, ‘my brain typically operates female, even though my body hasn’t corresponded with my brain.’”

She has been given hormone therapy but federal court records show that having male genitals caused her to be “depressed, embarrassed, [and] disgusted.” Medical records noted she bought underwear to keep her “disgusting penis” out of sight. Suffering from depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorder, Edmo has been treated for past trauma and previous suicide attempts. In 2015, she “attempted to castrate herself for the first time using a disposable razor blade. Before doing so, she left a note to alert officials that she was not ‘trying to commit suicide,’ and was instead ‘only trying to
help’ herself.”

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

1. Edmo Was Convicted of Sexually Assaulting a Teenage Boy & Was Sentenced to Serve 10 Years in Prison. While Incarcerated, Edmo Attempted Self-Castration

2. The Ninth Circuit Ruled There Was a ‘Clear & Urgent Need’ For Edmo’s Surgery. Idaho’s Governor Says He’s Appealing to the Supreme Court

3. The Victim Claims Edmo Was Always a Gay Man & a ‘Predator’

4. A Petition Was Created to Stop the ‘Sex Change Operation,’ But the Group Says the Petition It’s Hosting Doesn’t Reflect Its Progressive Values

5. As a Idaho State Corrections Contractor, Corizon Health, the Embattled Private Prison Healthcare Company Accused of Neglect, is Responsible For the Surgery

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