Alec Holowka Dead, Wiki, Age, Family

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Alec Holowka Dead, Who was accused of sexual assault by a fellow developer, Zoe Quinn. Is the Infinite Fall developer who died on August 31,

Alec Holowka Dead

Alec Holowka Dead, Wiki, Age, Family

Holowka was known for his work in the world independent video game development, beginning in Canada

Quinn allegations.

In the wake of the allegations made by Quinn, Scott Benson, of the “Night in the Woods” team, announced that they had severed ties with Holowka. Quinn made her allegations on Twitter on August 27.

Dead announcement.

Holowka’s sister, Eileen Mary Holowka, announced the Canadian developer’s passing in a Twitter message. Eileen Holowka said in the message that her brother had taken his own life. In the statement, Eileen thanks game developer Adam Saltsman for “staying up late talking with us and reminding Alec that there was a future.”


Alec Holowka, my brother and best friend, passed away this morning.

Eileen said that Holowka became a new person in recent years, thanks to a combination of therapy and medication. Eileen says that Holowka was “calm and happy, positive and loving.” In the wake of the allegations made by Zoe Quinn, Eileen said that her brother had been receiving support from the Manitoba crisis services. Eileen adds, “[Holowka’s family] tried our best to support Alec, but in the end he felt he had lost too much.” The statement finishes with the words, “For anyone who is in a time of darkness, I encourage you to reach out for support. There are always people who will be there for you.”

Holowka followed up the tweeted message by saying, “And in case it’s not already f****** obvious, Alec *specifically said* he wished the best for Zoë and everyone else, so don’t use our grief as an excuse to harass people. Go outside, take care of someone, and work towards preventing these kinds of things in the first place.” Eileen Holowka also works in gaming as a developer and was given a special thanks credit on “Night in the Woods.” In the fallout from her brother’s suicide, Eileen said that she does not see a future for herself in gaming.

What You Need to Know

  • Eileen Holowka Says That Her Brother Had Been a Victim of Abuse in His Life & Battled Mental Illness
  • Holowka Wone the Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival in 2007
  • Holowka Began Creating Games at 8 Years Old
  • Holowka’s Firing Led to the Cancelation of an In-Development Project at Infinite Fall


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