Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Streaming platforms

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Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Streaming platforms

Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Streaming platforms, What Is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Benefits, Amazon Prime cost, and Whether It’s Worth It, Been an Amazon Prime member gives you free two-day shipping, music and video streaming, for a $119 annual fee. Most of the members actually enjoys this benefits and ship thousands and one products on a daily basics.

What Is Amazon Prime? Benefits, Cost Amazon Prime vs Netflix reddit

What Is Amazon Prime? Benefits, Cost, and Whether It’s Worth It

Amazon Prime offers two days free shipping for thousands and one of products, and they are really losing money on shipping to many countries in the world. It was recorded that In 2016, Prime, Amazon lost around $7.2 Billion.

Amazon is aimed on achieving long-term growth, and they cares about quickly increase on revenues than increasing the profits. Amazon main goal is to grow its user base as quickly as possible. Prime helps Amazon attract more customers in 3 key ways.

Prime is a very successful program for this reasons. Free two-day shipping, which provides instant gratification, tends to lead to more “thoughtless” impulse buying.

Free two-day shipping on eligible items to addresses in U.S.A. and other shipping benefits

Free same day delivery in eligible ZIP codes.

Prime Pantry: Prime Pantry gives its members access to lost priced groceries as well as household and pet care items.


The benefits Prime?

Prime Now. Prime Now narrows the free same-day delivery window on certain items to as little as two hours, but it’s only available in select metro areas. Unlimited movie and TV streaming. Unlimited reading Of thousand books, comics and magazines to read free.

One free borrowed e-book per month. With a Prime membership, you can choose one of hundreds of thousands of e-books to download from the Kindle
Owner’s Lending Library,

Unlimited music streaming. You can listen to over two million songs and browse Prime Playlists, plus ad-free with Prime Music.

Prime Day and Prime Early Access. Prime members get the exclusive perk of shopping annual Prime Day deals. On the other 364 days of the year, you’ll get access to Lightning Deals with a 30-minute head start on non-Prime members.

Free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. Your photos will be added to your secure Amazon Cloud Drive, which you can access from both your computer and mobile device.

Stock up with Prime Pantry. You can fill a pantry box with low-priced household and grocery items and have it delivered for a flat shipping rate of $7.99. Amazon only ships pantry boxes to the contiguous U.S.

Amazon Elements. an Amazon Prime member you have the access to Amazon’s own consumers first line of everyday items,

Amazon Family. Free for Prime members, Amazon Family offers family oriented coupons and deals


How much does Prime cost?

Prime Video: $8.99 per month. membership restricts your perks to unlimited TV show and movie streaming. It’ll cost you around $108 per year.

Prime: $12.99 per month. Want full Prime benefits but prefer to spread out the payments, you’ll pay about $155 a year.

Prime: $119 per year. Those who pay an annually will spend less in the long run.

Discounted membership for students that offers regular Prime benefits, but during the free trial period won’t get access to Instant Video or Kindle books:

Prime Student: Student with a valid school email address, can get a free six-month trial of Prime Student and discounted annual membership fee of $59.


Is an Prime membership worth it?

There are three ways to evaluate an Amazon Prime membership: shipping, reading and streaming entertainment. We’ll tackle each individually.

Shipping. If you spent more than $119 in shipping fees last year, well, there’s your answer.

Reading. A full-price Kindle e-books costs about $9.99, and if you buy one per month, that’ll add up to $120 a year. You’d save money by just borrowing them from the Kindle Lending Library.

Amazon prime is that program that worth paying for, as you see the benefits to enjoy been a member of prime. Considering the competition in the industry. Prime still stand out with better benefit to enjoy

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