An epic crusade theme, do you think is wrong?

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An epic crusade theme, do you think is wrong?  Noisemakers have seen it all but The theme was obviously culled from the Bible.

Do you think is wrong?

An epic crusade theme, do you think is wrong?

One of the books with which one can justify the most unjustifiable.

For example 

Carry cutlass cut person head now, you fit open one verse of the Bible to justify your action.

Collect person wife, Bible verse dey to back am up.

Very complicated constitution/law book by the Romans.


Actually it is in the bible 

it’s a bible verse

Genesis 39:7 (international standard version)
That’s why, sometime later, Joseph’s master’s wife looked straight at Joseph and propositioned him: “Come on! Let’s have a little sex!”

In some comment she said

Because you don’t understand the Bible doesn’t make you generalize it. Nobody is forcing Christianity on you

He’s only playing smart!

I’m sure whoever attends the program with heart full of lust will be totally disappointed. Because the guy will simply tell you :
‘that’s what Potiphar’s wife told Joseph and the faithful young man turned her down’! Genesis 39:7-9

So he will collect the dolls from those who brought it and send them away


This church must have one of its branches in Benin. Funny crusade titles.

Saw one around Lagos market some months back… Says “God flog me mercilessly to success”

An epic crusade theme, do you think is wrong?

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