Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Before You Travel. If you have made up your mind about traveling to your dream trip to another country with little time left, and you have saved and planned it for months and you have intentions of taking with people, enjoying the experience, order your food etc and can’t speak the local language of the country, is important for you to know that you are not too old to learn basic of a new language or whether is cheap.

Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Before You Travel

Noisemakers found out that there are many cost-effective ways learning a new language, ranging from smartphone apps to traditional classes.

Exploring language learning options, look for opportunities to acquire a travel vocabulary.
Focus on learning the words you would use when making

Asking for directions,
Getting around,
Ordering food and getting help.

Six Ways to learn the basics of a new language before your trip.


Duolingo a platform language learning website and app, as well as proficiency assessment exam. The app and the website are free. Duoling has a premium service. Wikipedia
Users: 300 million
HeadquartersPittsburgh, PA, U.S
Employees: 95
Date launched: November 30, 2011
Founders: Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker
Available in: Modern Standard Arabic, Czech Language, 

A free language learning program easy to use, Duolingo can be use on your home computer or your smartphone. Duolingo short lessons help you learn to read, speak and listen to the language you are learning. Duolingo incorporated video game to make learning a new language fun. Most High school and university language teachers incorporate Duolingo into the course requirements, but you can download and use this popular language learning program on your own.

Pimsleur Language Courses

Paul Pimsleur a scholar in applied linguistics. He developed the Pimsleur language learning system, had a significant effect upon theories of language learning and teaching. Wikipedia
BornOctober 17, 1927, New York, NY
Died: June 22, 1976, France
Books: Spanish I, English III: English for Spanish Speakers, MORE
Children: Julia Pimsleur
Education: Columbia University, The City College of New York
Parents: Solomon Pimsleur, Meira G. Pimsleur

Pimsleur® Method focused on the best ways to acquire a new language.
Dr. Paul Pimsleur developed his language learning tapes after researching how children learn to express themselves. Back in the days of cassette tapes and boom boxes,

Courses are available

  • Albanian.
  • Arabic (Eastern)
  • Arabic (Egyptian)
  • Arabic (Modern Standard)
  • Armenian (Eastern)
  • Armenian (Western)
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • More

Today, Pimsleur language courses are available online, on CDs and via smartphone apps. While you can buy CDs and downloadable lessons from, you may be able to borrow Pimsleur CDs

BBC Language

Country‎: ‎United Kingdom
Launch date‎: ‎19 December 1932; 86 years ago …
Headquarters‎: ‎Broadcasting House‎, London
Key people‎: ‎Jamie Angus (Director)

The BBC offers basic courses in several languages, primarily those spoken in the British Isles, such as Welsh and Irish. BBC language learning opportunities also include essential words and phrases in 40 languages, including Mandarin, Finnish, Russian and Swedish.

Churches and other community gathering places often get in on the act, too.

Currently, you can learn the following languages:
  • Danish.
  • Dutch.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Indonesian.
  • Italian.
  • Norwegian.
  • Polish.
Here are a few tips,
some of the best apps and courses on the market.
  1. Make learning language fun.
  2. Spaced repetition is your friend.
  3. Find bite-sized chunks of time to devote to it.
  4. Try TV as a teacher.
  5. Meetups are a social way to learn.
  6. Don’t sweat the rules too much.
  7. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself
The Top 10 Tactics for Learning to Speak Any Language Fluently
  1. Talk when you read and write. Writing is a really important part of language learning, so you should never neglect it.
  2. Think.
  3. Watch movies with subtitles.
  4. Imitate!
  5. Listen to local music and learn the lyrics.
  6. Read local literature.
  7. Find a language learning buddy.
  8. Talk to a native speaker.
7 Outstanding Language-Learning Apps and Websites
  • Duolingo teaches languages through drills, requiring a mix of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Livemocha.
  • Busuu.
  • Living Language.
  • Foreign Services Institute.
  • Memrise.