Biography of Nichume Siwundla

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Biography of Nichume Siwundla: Nichume Siwundla a South African vocalist, from East London Eastern cape, she recently singed to record label Top Chap Media

Biography of Nichume Siwundla

 Nichume Siwundla
Biography of Nichume Siwundla
 South African vocalist,
Personal details
  • Singer
  •  South Africa


Nichume from East London Eastern cape
Major Hit
Her 2017 breakout hit Bhutiza with Mobi Dixon
She was born in the year 1990.
Full Name:
Nichume Siwundla
House vocalist
Death: 6th June 2019 (Suicide)
  • Age:
 27 years


Nichume Siwundla, well known for her 2017 breakout hit Bhutiza with Mobi Dixon

Nichume Siwundla died on, 6th June 2019 from suicide.

Nichume Siwundla under record label Top Chap Media

Nichume native of East London Eastern cape

Nichume inspiration mainly comes from Sade Nigerian-born Nigeria British singer,

Her music is timeless and can’t be Grouped.


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