Blood types and genotypes? know your genotype

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Easy on how do you know your Blood types and genotypes, Genotype refers to the individual genetic constitution which is the sum total of all the genes that the individual has inherited from his parents.

There are basically three blood/hemoglobin genotypes in humans: AA,AS and SS.It is very important for one to know his/her blood genotype as it helps determine a lot of things in the heredity aspect of human. Blood types and genotypes

How do you know your Blood types and genotypes

What the three blood genotype stands for:

AA- A person with the blood genotype AA is a normal and healthy person.

AS- A person with blood genotype AS is healthy but a carrier of the sickle cell trait.

SS-A person with blood genotype SS is a sickle and suffers from sickle cell anemia.

A disease caused by an abnormal shape of the red blood cells.

According to the health practitioners, the only way to know your blood genotype is by going for blood tests.It is also advisable that AA and AA can marry,AA ans AS can marry, AA and SS can marry but AS and AS cannot marry because there is every possibility that one or more than one of their offspring will be a sickle and so far there seems to be no known cure for sickle cell anemia yet.

This disease can only be prevented by giving the individuals who wish to marry , genetic counseling. You can also know your genotype by knowing your blood group. Basically,there are four groups of blood in man based on genotype .An individual can belong to only one group based on what he/she has inherited from both parents.

The blood group of the individual is a genetic trait and remains unalterable in the life of the person and it’s inheritance is from both parents. The following are four groups of blood e.g A,B,AB and O, these groups have been determined according to the type of antigens present in the red blood cells and the anti-bodies present in the plasma of the individual. People without antigen in their red blood cells belong to blood group O.

In recent times blood groups have been found very useful in some cases like paternity cases (determination of DNA test), during blood transfusion (to know which blood group that matches the other and won’t cause harm to the body system).

So it is very necessary and important for you to know your genotype.

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