Canice Chizoba Ifedioranma Biography, Family and Life Style

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Canice Chizoba Ifedioranma Biography, Family and Life Style

Canice Chizoba Ifedioranma is an anambra state traffic warder. Who is most popular traffic warder in the state,  who dances and smiles while on duty @Aroma, Awka, Anambra state has earned peoples respect.

Canice Chizoba Ifedioranma Biography

The conversation I had with him revealed that he does his duty joyfully not because of the meager monthly salary he gets but because HE LOVE TO GIVE EXCELLENT SERVICE. He said to me “I love to make others happy through my work, that acts makes me happy”.

Greatness is not found in some office holders he loot public fund.
Greatness is not the selfish notion of some politician who seek to get there fare share of national cake at the expense of the poor masses.

GREATNESS IS NOT TOO FAR FROM YOU… Greatness is that person who does his work with integrity, commitment and diligence.

Chizoba Ifedioranma Family

Chizoba Ifedioranma we still don’t have much information yet about his family and background, we will update that soon as our team is working on that.

Chizoba Ifedioranma Education

With the little we gathered from other source and online information centers his educational background was hidden from the public. Noisemakers makes teams has already done Justice to it as it will be updated soon.

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