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HOW TO MAKE COCONUT OIL, Suppose you have every reasons to stop consuming refined products due to some medications or personal interest or because of the fast growing disease among humans called cancer which is caused by mostly refined products. Or let say you have little or no money on you at home and you don’t even have any money to purchase the refined ones basically you find out you have to make things up by yourself.


Suppose there’s a need for you to fry which you have to use oil and not ordinary oil this time around, or you want to cook and you have all necessary recipes and only one thing is missing which is oil, there’s no reason to panick.


Firstly, get yourself a coconut, either picking in a nearby bush or you have a friend who has a coconut tree in their court yard, reach them and request for a coconut or more, of course it depends on how much oil you need.

Secondly, husk the coconut which simply means removing the cap using a sharp object like knife (which depends on the breed) or cutlass and you can get two big stones after that and place the coconut on one and smash on it with the other repeatedly until the cap has been removed.

The next step is breaking the coconut by gently cracking it on a hard surface, suppose you don’want to do that, it can be easily cracked using the cutlass you used to remove the cap gently to avoid wasting the drink in it.

After that, collect the skin inside a waste bin because it is harmful and can be painful when stepped on barefooted while doing this, you can as well collect the meat into a bowl suppose you have a little big one. Then you need a grater or a blender but preferably a grater to grate the meats collected to some extent.

After that, you need to add some water to the grated meet, squeeze out to get the liquid and it should be repeated twice or more just to make sure the liquid is out completely. Then you are almost done.

Now you need to light up your gas or any cooking device you want to use and boil the liquid (the collected liquid after you squeezed) and keep string as it boils, by this time their would be oil bubbling, remove from fire to cool down.

And you can now extract the oil from the boiled coconut milk either by using a filter or just make sure the oil is purely separated.

Bravo! You are done getting your coconut oil. And its advantages are;
– It has a strong taste and fragrance
– High on antioxidant, protein and vitamin
And some of its uses are;
– To cure mouth ulcer
– Beauty ingredients
– Lowering bad cholesterol levels which is caused by mostly refined products
– Good for stomach by boosting digestion
– Moisturizer for new born babies

I hope this article interesting and helpful to You ?

Atofarati Faruq Umar…

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