Dannette Giltz Bio, Mother who did not know she was pregnant

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Dannette Giltz Bio

Dannette Giltz Bio: Dannette Giltz Is the Sturgis, South Dakota. Who thought she was merely suffering from kidney stones. Mother who did not know she was pregnant.

Dannette Giltz Bio, Mother who did not know she was pregnant

Dannette Giltz Age

She is 30 Years Old.

Dannette Giltz Husband

She and husband Austin Giltz have been together for more than 12 years. They got married in 2014. Giltz lists her occupation as Caregiver.

Giltz and her husband, Austin, have two older children.  She did not know she was pregnant before going into labor with her triplets. The babies, two girls and a boy, were born on August 10.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Dannette Giltz Went to Urgent Care After Suffering Pain In Her Side & Back

2. Dannette Giltz Was Rushed to a Nearby Hospital & Told She Needed a Cesarean Section

3. The Doctors Didn’t Realize There Was a Third Baby Until the First Two Had Been Delivered

4. The Triplets Were Born Healthy & the Giltz’s Are Now a Family of Seven

5. Dannette Giltz Was Originally From Colorado


Dannette Giltz supplied a urine sample at the urgent care. The doctor came back and informed her that she was pregnant. Giltz said the doctor did an ultrasound and found two fetal heartbeats.

Giltz was first taken to a hospital in Spearfish, South Dakota. Another doctor confirmed that not only was she pregnant with at least two babies, but that the pain she was experiencing was actually caused by contractions. Giltz was then rushed to another facility in Rapid City.

Another ultrasound revealed that one of the babies would be born feet first. The doctors decided the safest course of action was to perform a cesarean section.

The first baby was a boy, followed by a sister. Giltz said she then heard the doctor yell out that another blanket was needed because a third baby was coming, another girl.

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