David Kimowitz Biography

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David Kimowitz Biography- Wiki

David Kimowitz Biography: David Kimowitz was the owner and operator of The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club along with his wife, Laura Kimowitz, which is close to the Union Square in New York City.
He died on August 3, 2019.

David Kimowitz Biography

David Kimowitz Age

Kimowitz was 40-years-old.

David Kimowitz Wife, Laura Kimowitz

Kimowitz was married to wife Laura Kimowitz. They have two children together.

David Kimowitz Comedy Club

Kimowitz is the owner and operator of The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club along with his wife, Laura Kimowitz.

David Kimowitz is a famous. David Kimowitz’s is on the list of most popular celebrities.

The Stand, a popular, upscale comedy club at East 16th Street around the corner from Irving plaza and close to the Union Square in New York City is open to the sidewalk.

The club is one of the best venues for stand-up, with big names gracing the stage, including Tracy Morgan, David Chappelle, and Damon Wayans.

David Kimowitz Murder

On Saturday, around 6 a.m. cops were called to the Walton Road in Maplewood where a grisly double murder had taken place. The victims of the stabbing were an au pair and her employer.

Property records show that the electronic property is owned by Laura and David Kimowitz, who bought the home in April of 2017. Kimowitz lives with his family along Walton Road in Maplewood.

Maplewood police officers were canvassing the area when they found the dead man inside a Walton Road residence. Kimowitz’s wife and their two preschool-aged children were on vacation at the Jersey Shore at the time of the stabbing.

David Kimowitz Nanny

Cops were called to the Walton Road home in Maplewood around 6 a.m. Saturday morning when a jogger ran past and saw a woman being attacked on the front lawn.

The nanny’s boyfriend was seen in the neighborhood on the night before Kimowitz and his nanny were killed. She was found wounded outside of the home with stab wounds and was rushed to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

David Kimowitz Investigations


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