DeAngelo Parnell Bio, Wiki, Age, Family

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DeAngelo Parnell Bio, DeAngelo Parnell, who has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder after a shooting in a Mobile, Ala., stadium, where a high school football game was being played Friday night.

DeAngelo Parnell Bio

DeAngelo Parnell Bio, Wiki, Age, Family


DeAngelo Parnell is 17 Years old.

Police Report.

Police say nine people were shot, mostly teenagers, at the Pebbles Ladd Stadium as a game between LeFlore and Williamson high schools was ending. Parnell is reported as being a student at LeFlore High School.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste said the injured are all teenagers ranging from 15 to 18. Among them, at least five suffered critical injuries. One person suffered a seizure.

Police said Parnell turned himself in because “…he knew we knew who he was …”

A bond hearing for Parnell is scheduled for Monday, Battiste said

Parnell turned himself in to police early Saturday morning.

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UPDATE: DeAngelo Parnell has been booked into Metro jail and charged with 9 counts of Attempted Murder after turning himself this morning. Police say he’s responsible for the shooting at Ladd Peebles stadium last night after a high school football game.

What you need to know.

1. At Around 9:30 p.m., as a High School Football Game Was Ending, Shots Rang Out & Chaos Ensued

2. Police Said 10 People Injured With 9 Shot & Seriously Hurt. All Are Teenagers, Like the Alleged Gunman

3. As Video of the Shooting Began to Emerge on Social Media, Some Claim That Parnell Was Defending Himself From Others With Guns

4. Police Chief Said a ‘Neighborhood Beef’ May Have Been the Motive For the Shooting & Some Adults Were Privy to Information’ That a Shooting Might Occur

5. Parnell Turned Himself in to Police & Faces 9 Counts of Attempted Murder


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