Free US Number: Generate Yours Easily

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Free US Number: Most internet users or online users that has business dealing with Outside world Need US Number For running of their business, Most websites has restrictions  That makes it difficult for non USA citizens.

However there is a solution for Free US Number: Generate Yours Easily

Free US Number

Free US Number: Generate Yours Easily


Google voice

Google voice another product from Google that gives free U.S phone numbers,


  • To make free calls to US numbers
  • To receive calls from anywhere free.
  • To send and receive sms
  • To Send and Receive voicemail.

Note: Google voice is not for the general public, Only for U.S and Canada Use, but there Also a way For Non-U.S resident to make use google voice.

Notable Requirements for a Non-US resident to set up a google voice are;

A VPN to changes your I.P to a U.S I.P. Get it here

A U.S Phone Number to verify you google voice account. Get it here

Let Get Started  with the VPN and US number;


1. Visit and Sign into your Google account. make use of your  gmail username and password to sign in into your google voice account.

2. Wait for that says “Set up your Google Voice Number.”
If prompt does not appear, click on the link that says “Get a Google Voice Number”

3. Click on “I want a new number” button in  first set up prompt.

4. Enter a US Number. You can only enter a U.S number for this verification process. You can get a US number to pass this verification at

5. Find the confirmation number on the next prompt screen. Click the “Call Me Now” button to verify it. Make sure your US number is available so that you can answer it.

6. Answer the Call. Type in the confirmation number.

7. Continue following the prompts to set up your personal voicemail message.

8. Enter your zip code to find an available local number. Click “Next.”
If no phone numbers are available, enter any 4 or 5 digit number in the second box.

9. Choose your number from a list of numbers after search available numbers with zip code or by just entering 3 random letters or characters. Click on the circle next to the number and choose “Continue.”

10. Enter a PIN to access your phone number. Write it down so you won’t forget the PIN

11. Return to to see your account history.

12. Change the Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the top right part of the page.

13. Remove call screening and Save your changes.

14. (optional) Download Google Voice application in Android, or iPhone smart phone. Using this app will allow you to call number, send and receive text messages

THAT’S ALL. Now you have a Free US phone number from Google voice.

Remember when you get a calls and you not online, its forwarded to US number which you used during google voice verification.

Note: When downloading hotspot shield vpn, don’t  install options like toolbar etc.

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