Gary Van Ryswyk Bio, Age, Family, Charged with a felony

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Gary Van Ryswyk Bio

Gary Van Ryswyk Bio: Gary Van Ryswyk is retired to Sebring, Florida.Who attended the University of Minnesota and graduated in 1967.

Gary Van Ryswyk Bio, Age, Family, Charged with a felony

Gary Van Ryswyk Age

Gary Van Ryswyk is 74 years old.

A search of online records in Highland County lists him as the owner of a home on Orday Road in Sebring that appears to have been purchased in 2018.

Charged with a felony after deputies said he performed an illegal medical operation at a Sebring, Florida, home: a castration on another man.

Law enforcement showed up after someone had dialed 911 from the home but hung up the phone. The “patient” was bleeding heavily when a deputy arrived and he was rushed to a hospital.

Van Ryswyk told investigators that he had met the man on a website for people with a “castration fetish.” He was arrested and charged with “practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury,” which is a second-degree felony. Bond was set at $250,000.

A deputy from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Department in Sebring, Florida responded to a home on Orday Road shortly before midnight on August 18, 2019. A 911 call had been made from the house but the person on the other end had hung up before a dispatcher could learn whether there was a problem.

Van Ryswyk also admitted to investigators that this was not the first time he had attempted to castrate another man. According to the Highlands Sheriff’s office, Van Ryswyk told them that he had performed another operation several years ago in a motel, and that the man had to seek medical attention for excessive bleeding. But the hospital did not contact police in that case.

Gary Van Ryswyk insisted to investigators that the operation had been a scheduled event. He said that he met the man on the dark web.

Gary Van Ryswyk told investigators that he had prior experience with castration. Deputies said that Van Ryswyk claimed to have removed one of his own testicles in 2012.


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