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HOW TO BE EFFICIENT THIS YEAR. Being efficient is the ability of one to be capable, agile and productive towards one’s daily activities. Efficient is the act of doing something well and thoroughly without waste of time,money or energy.


Being efficent explains how one can make use of the available resources provided to produce an excellent output at the end. Efficient entails proper management and it is also putting enough input to produce the expected output.


The followings are ways of being efficient:

Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep : As humans, our body system needs sleep mostly espeacially at night after the day’s activity. Sleep is a form of rest and sleeping helps us to regain our strength so that we will have energy to perform our activities the next day.

Eat healthy snacks: Healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables should be taken and also foods containing fatty acids.Fatty acids serves as principal fuel to the body .Avoid eating too much carbohydrates and starchy foods.

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Save important and difficult tasks for times when you feel energized: Do not overwork or stress yourself too much.When you have tasks to do but you feel weak just save for times you feel energized and ready to work or perform such tasks.

Try to say no at least once a week: You are not jack of all trades. Always try and say no to some tasks ,the human body is delicate and needs to be rested or relaxed so say no at times.

Write down your short-term and long-term goals so you can prioritize: It is very necessary for one to write down their short and long term goals starting from the ones that needs urgent attention as doing this will serve as a source of reminder on things you still have to do.

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Create a to-do-list: Before you retire for the day at night ,it is important for one to pland and creat a list of activities to do the next day.This helps and makes one efficient at his/her duties.

Set time limits for all your tasks: There should be a time limit for all your tasks for example when to start and when to end.

Avoid multitasking yourself: Don’t multitask yourself and always know the amount of task you can take in a day.Multitasking tires one down and can cause healthy damages too.

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