How to Make Best Homemade Peanut

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How to Make Best Homemade Peanut, MAKING OF PEANUTS FOR MARKETING, I will advice you start small for the first time to see how your first market will look like and what you will gain out of it, then you can increase your production


So take this for a start;-

How to Make Best Homemade Peanut

– 6 cups of groundnuts
– 6 eggs
– 1kg of flour
– 2 cups of sugar
– Half teaspoon nutmeg
– 2 tbspoon milk flavour
– Half teaspoon salt
– 1 tbspoon baking powder.
– 1 litter of oil

Preparation. How to Make Best Homemade Peanut

1. Soak the groundnut inside hot water and add a teaspoon of salt and leave for 30 minutes, sieve and dry the groundnuts. U can sundry or ovendry the groundnut if u wish

2. Now put the groundnuts inside a bowl with a round and smooth bottom for easy rolling.

3. Sieve the flour inside a different bowl, mix in the baking powder, nutmeg, and milk flavour.

4. Break the 6 eggs into a different bowl and mix, put the 2 cups of sugar and the salt and mix very well, until the sugar and salt dissolve completely

5. Take the bowl of groundnut, put 1 tbspoon of the egg mixture inside the bowl and roll in a circular motion, the egg will coat all the groundnuts.

Then you now sprinkle a handful of flour inside and roll in a circular motion and the flour again will coat the groundnut. Repeat the procedure until you exhaust the flour and the egg mixture.

6. Pour the peanut inside a tray, allow to set for 20 mins and fry with groundnut oil at low heat so it wont get burnt.

Please , you have to be patient in step 5 because if u are not, you won’t get a good result, It won’t be smooth, so u must follow instructions carefully


Note; if you mix well, the egg and the flour should finish at the same time

7. Allow to cool then put inside bottles for sale. You can take those in bottles to offices because officers always buy and keep inside their office, also create customers with prominent store owners and give 12pacts, you will see how you will have customers. Advertise also around your neighborhood, since your peanut is excellent, people will always look for you.


How to Make Best Homemade Peanut

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