How to Read a book effectively

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HOW TO READ A BOOK, Reading is one of the most indispensable parts of language instruction as to it sustains learning in varied forms. Reading effectively is the ability of the reader to recognise and pronounce words quickly and easily.


How to Read a book effectively

There are varied effect skills that empowers a reader to comprehend the reading task. A reader must apply varied strategies to comprehend, assess and appreciate a text in order to read successfully.

How to Read a Book and Write

They are many reasons why people read:

a. For pleasure: people read novels, magazines, books and other texts just for relaxation.

b. To learn a new language : people read for the purpose of learning new languages for effective communication e.g a non-english man can read books authorised by an English man just to learn the language.

c. For information: people read to be informed.

d. To improve on academic performance : Students read to improve and excel on their academic performances.

They are three components of reading which are:

a. Decoding: This involves the process of converting a printed word into a sound.

b. Comprehension : This is the ability of a reader to understand what he has read.

c. Retention: This is the ability of the brain to save what has been read and to recall it when needed.

There are two measures of long term retention, namely :

1. Recognition: This is the connection of a physical event or object with one previously experienced or encountered. The reader with this ability is able to compare prior information he/she has to the new information he/she has encountered.

2. Recall : This is an act of creative imagination and it also the ability of the brain to replay and remember encoded messages in it.


Improving the reading skill in the art of reading is very crucial. Improving ones reading skill reduces unnecessary waste of time and empowers one to focus on the main purpose of read. The followings are ways in which one can improve on their reading skill:

a. Specific reading target
b. Select relevant texts
c. Read extensively
d. Analyse relevant information
e. Recall after reading.

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