How to Reset or Change Your Fidelity bank Password

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Are you having issues or finding it hard logging in? If you’ve entered your password three times incorrectly, your account will be locked out of from you and will you need to reset your password. is advice You also Change Your Fidelity bank Password to enhance your security at any time.

What do I need to know?

  • To reset a password:
    • You’ll need to verify your identity:
      • When asked to request a security code, select the phone number where you want the code sent
      • When you get it, be sure to enter the actual 6-digit security code in the field and not the number the code comes from
  • If you’re asked a security question, answer it and then you’ll be prompted to create a new password:
      • If you answer incorrectly, we’ll block access to your account until we can verify no one else is trying to access it
      • To unblock your account, please call a customer service representative at 800-343-3548

To change a password Log In Required:

  • On the Change a Password Log In Required page, enter your current password
  • Create and confirm your new password

What to expect

  • It will only take a few minutes to reset online and your changes will take effect immediately
  • You’ll receive a confirmation through email or in your messages in the Communication CenterLog In Required

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How to Transfer with Fidelity Bank Mobile Transfer Code

  • Dial *770# on your phone.
  • Select 1 from the on-screen command.
  • You will be asked to enter your fidelity bank NUBAN account number.
  • Next thing is to create your 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions.
  • You can now start enjoying Instant Banking.

How do I check my BVN on Fidelity?

To check your bank verification number with your mobile phones. simply Dial *565*0# to check “BVN” with your Mobile phones at N20 only.

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