How to send bulk SMS online In Nigeria: Send Free

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I know some persons might be wondering what does this bulk SMS means?  Well not worry, I will be explaining what bulk SMS means and How to send bulk SMS online In Nigeria: Send Free

How to send bulk SMS online In Nigeria:  Send Free

Send bulk SMS online In Nigeria

Bulk Messaging (SMS) is the dissemination of large number of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals using the Internet. The amazing feature about the this bulk SMS is that one can send SMS to millions of phone users around the world with just a cluck of a button.

To send a bulk SMS

The bulk SMS is usually used by by big organisations like media companies ,enterprises, banks and consumer brands in order to pass across their messages to their various constumers and clients around the globe.  Bulk Messaging is usually used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers and it is even cost effective. The sole aim of bulk messaging is to let you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.

Here is a detailed

Steps on how to send bulk sms

  • Register a bulk SMS account on any bulk SMS platform;  they are so many of them,  search for them and choose your most preferably one. Examples are padisoft, multitexter etc
  • After registration, confirm your email address and you will be presented with your own personal bulk SMS portal.
  • Click on send bulk SMS at the internet page.
  • Enter your SMS,  the sender ID and the phone number and hit send.
  • SMS will be delivered to all recipients instantly.
  • You can topup your bulk SMS account by paying directly into your bulk SMS platform ‘s bank details or using their online payment gateways. The gateway is recommended because your SMS account will get funded instantly.

Send Free

With the following steps above, I’m sure that anybody can send any bulk SMS of their various purposes which is cost friendly when sending messages to a large number of people.

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