How to Start a Cleaning Company in Nigeria

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How to Start a Cleaning Company in Nigeria, The cleaning industry has consumer and commercial Group. entering into cleaning businesses you need to decide on the area you want to concentrate on to help you build the businesses and server the market well

How to Start a Cleaning Company in Nigeria

the business is yet to explore here in Nigeria, but this is a huge and best selling businesses, For start up and young youths to explore, Entrepreneur of this business will decide target niche. Some niches

Commercial Premises
Industrial/Manufacturing facilities
Medical facilities (i.e clinics, hospitals, mortuaries & orthopedic facilities)

Most time i advice young youth to start on a small scale but you need to decide if you want operate at small, medium or large scale levels.

Set-up process 

First, decide to start your cleaning business, thing to consider or note
You will need to be in good physical condition.
You will need to have good customer relation skills.
You will need to have basic office skills and some accounting skills.

you will need to market the business, here is where the main work lies, marketing is the biggest problem in the any business and getting the right targeted people on time and at the right place, it is more difficult to market a service-oriented business. Part of a good marketing plan is to convince the customer that you have a way to solve their problem.

Estimated Start-up Cost: N100, 000 – N105, 000

Potential Profit: N800, 000 – N1, 200, 000

Typical Fees/Prices: N250 – N1, 000/sqm depending on the type of service rendered. Charges should be competitive. Simply charge what you are worth.

Advertising Options: Advertising in the papers, one-on-one sales/marketing, flyers, business cards, door hangers.

Qualifications: On the job training is required.

Facilities/Equipment needed: Vacuums, floor, carpet & upholstery care equipment, cleaning chemicals, dispensers such as soap, toilet papers & hand towels, green cleaning products for tougher stains, odor control products, micro-fibre clothes that comes in varying colours, flat mops, trash can liners.

Staff required: Unskilled labors would do for a start but as the business expands in size in terms of customer base, a professional that will handle the accounting aspect can be introduced into the system. Starting can thus be with about three (3) staff including the entrepreneur himself.

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What Is The Laundry Service Business?

The laundry service business involves professionally washing clothes and linens for people via the use of washing machines or the traditional method of washing with hands.

This service is paid for, after which the individual later picks his/her clothing from the dry cleaner after a certain number of days.


Benefits Of Starting A Laundry Business in Nigeria

1). Laundry service is easy and convenient to start

2). It is neither capital nor management intensive

3).You can start a laundry business in Nigeria from home and grow commercially from there

4). It is very profitable, since most people don’t have the time to do their laundry. Many people constitute the workforce; which comes with tight schedules; hence they consider doing laundry a waste of time.

5).You’re your own boss. One of the many wonderful benefits enjoyed from establishing your own laundry service business is that you’ll always have freedom to do things at your own pace and in your own style. You won’t be taking orders from any superiors.

6). It improves the personal hygiene of the customers.

7). Protects the quality of clothes.


Facts About The Laundry Service Business

1).The prices are determined by the cost of doing business

2). Not all stains can be removed.

3). Damage (which atimes can be irreparable) to clothing happens often.

4). Dry cleaned clothes last longer than hand-washed clothes.

5). Clothing can shrink.


Challenges Faced In The Laundry Service Business

1).Clothes occasionally gets missing or misplaced.

2).Some clothes get burnt.

3). Inadequate/poor electricity supply.

4). Lack of properly trained staff.

5). Short of almost-impossible delivery times.

6). Access to clean water.

7). Clothes can sometimes go from bad to worse.

8). Absence of sunlight on rainy days.

9).Enough space/bigger facility in a good location.

10). Equipment breakdown

11). Building a loyal client base amongst a sea of fierce competitors.


Buy The Necessary Laundry Equipment And Resources

Buy all the equipment and resources that would help run your business smoothly. Some of include:

Washing machines.
Laundry carts
A washing basin to separate and soak various materials and colours of clothing.
A generator set in case of power outage.
A garment conveyor to hang the clothes after washing and drying.
An ironing table to straighten and fold the dried clothes with the aid of an industrial steam iron.
Laundry detergents specifically favoured by dry cleaners.
A water storage or tank.
Wooden shelves.
Clothe hangers.
Nylons for wrapping the items.
2-3 employees
And a whole lot more!

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