How to Write a Formal Email 2019

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How to Write a Formal Email 2019 An email is an electronic mail that allow people to send and receive messages and mails using mobile devices eg phones,laptops or PCs.

How to Write a Formal Email 2019

It is now a modern way of sending and receiving messages which is very fast and reliable and has replaced the olden way of doing so which is slow. There are so many purposes why people use email which can be for business,job application,attachments etc

The followings are How to Write a Formal Email 2019:

1.Use a professional email address: When signing up an email account always make sure to use your real names and not your nickname. Using your real name as your username makes one looks professional and to be taken serious too. You can also add symbols and numbers to your email address.

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2.Stick to a professional font: When typing your messages always a professional font that is common and can be read and seen by all. Don’t use decorative fonts for your emails.

3.Use a short and accurate subject line: Make sure that your headings are short and is straightforward to your reason of writing the email.Let it be a summary of your message.

4.Use a proper salutation: Always know the right and proper salutation to address your reciever with when writing the mail and you can always use Sir or Ma. Introduction: Introduce yourself and state the reason why you are writing email to the person recieving it.

5.Get to the point: Go straight to the point why you are writing the email avoid beating around the bush and be straightforward with your message.Don’t forget to prioritize the most important information that you have.

6.Use formal languages: Avoid the use of jokes,slangs,incompletes words,wrong spellings etc .

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7.Include any necessary attachments:If there is any need for you to include an attachment to your mail do so properly well.

8.Keep it brief: Always make sure to keep your mails brief so that it will be easy to read as lengthy mails can be boring and difficult to read.

9.Crosscheck and proofread: Before you send out your mail crosscheck and proofread it to make sure that everything is in place.

10.Use a proper form of closing: Close your mails in a polite way eg yours faithfully or yours sincerely.

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