How to write Job Application Letter & Format

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HOW TO WRITE JOB APPLICATION LETTER, When applying for a job or position in any organisation, it is very important and necessary that we write an application letter to the organisation so that we can be accessed from our performance in accordance to what we pen down in letter.


  1. Sender’s address,
  2. Receiver’s address,
  3. Salutation,
  4. Heading,
  5. Introduction,
  6. Body,
  7. Conclusion
  8. Closure:
  9. How to write Job Application Letter

    How to write Job Application Letter

Remember How to write job application letter will determine if you will convince the interviewer to move on to your job application letter and be offered a job interview.

How to write Job Application Letter

As we all know, they are two forms of letter writing which are formal and informal letters and an application letter is an example of a formal letter.

Writing job application letter properly can also be difficult only if you are unfamiliar with system and using word processing programs.

Below are some tips and format

1.Sender’s address: This is the address of the person writing the application. A good sender’s address must contain your location and date.

2. Receiver’s address : This is the address of the person that will receive your application. When writing an application letter, the writer should endeavour to know the address of the receiver and properly pen it down.

3. Salutation: When writing an application letter always remember to start with a salute for example Dear Sir/Ma.

4. Heading: Every good application letter should have a heading as it serves as a form of introduction. Note, when heading is written small letters it should be underlined.

5. Introduction : You state clearly your reasons for writing the application in this section.

6. Body: Here you state your skills, what you can do best and why you should be chosen for the position or job.

Other areas that should be incorporated into the opening Part of the cover letter include for teaching job application letter

• Educational credentials, i.e, Ph.D, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree,
• Teaching certifications and licenses
• Years of classroom experience or related expertise

7. Conclusion: Define your assurance and how sustainable you will be when chosen for the job and how you intend help progress the firm in the next years to come when you have the job.

8.Closure: Your format of closure should be “Yours Sincerely then your Name and Signature.

How to write Job Application Letter Writing Takes Time – Don’t Rush

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