Inside Madonna University : The Untold Story

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Inside Madonna University : The Untold Story of Madonna University, check out the reaction of Nigerians on the condition of the most annoying University in Nigerian.

Comrade Deji Adeyanju an Activist, Prisoner of Conscience Nigerian. Anti-Government, Pro-people. Convener,  in his statement said

We have taken the following decisions against Madonna University:

1. Petition to NUC;

2. Petition to Senate;

3. Petition to the IG of ;

4. Petition to CJ of Anambra;

5. Petition to National Human Rights Commission;

And there will Massive rally at Madonna University next week.

He banned tabs and phones because he didn’t want the pictures of the hostels in elele to be taken even the toilets and classes The school fees is not worth it Madonna University is the worst private university in Nigeria






My God!!! This is beyond unbelievable. I thought the owner is a Reverend? Even some terrorists keep their prisoners in better enclosures. This is pure evil charging people for this. Even secondary schools with free education are much better than this.

I believe parents don’t know what’s happening in that school, hence the deplorable state of things. I’m disappointed with what I’m seeing. This constitutes a humanitarian crisis. please investigate this matter ASAP

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