Jessi Combs Dead, Age, family, Married, Net Worth, Accident

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Jessi Combs Dead

Jessi Combs Dead: Jessi Combs is the professional race car driver, fabricator and TV personality who was tragically killed on August 27 at the age of 39 while attempting a land speed record in a jet-powered vehicle in Oregon. Combs was affectionately referred to as “the fastest woman on four wheels.”

Jessi Combs Dead, Age, family, Married, Net Worth, Accident

Jessi Combs Age

She was born on July 27th, 1983. She died at the age of 36 years old on 28/8/2019.

Jessi Combs Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million.

Jessi Combs Accident

Jessi was injured in an accident back in 2014 after she collided with a car that pulled out in front of her. She suffered deep lacerations to her right ankle and some broken bones. This is what she posted on her FB page; (Source;“No worries, it’s just a couple of cuts… and maybe some broken bones… and a mangled motorcycle.

I’m ok, really, just pissed… it’s my throttle foot!! Was only going about 15 mph and a car pulled out to turn left. I saw her, she didn’t see …me, I moved left, she floored it, my ankle gets smashed… and cut up… through my boot! Pray for fast healing… I got lots of awesomeness to do in the next couple of months!!

The website bio attributes her love of racing to her family.

“Her family explored everything around them and gave her a solid appreciation for off-roading as well as racing in many forms,” the website says. “In addition to her love for everything automotive, Jessi is somewhat of an artist and spends as much time as she can creating with her own hands. She loves metal working, leather craft and photography, and can make almost anything one can dream up. She is an independent and adventurous spirit, boasting, ‘I will try everything at least twice… I wouldn’t want to be jaded by the first attempt.’”

She could have gone to interior design school on a scholarship but instead chose to pursue a snowboarding career in Denver, the website says. “This proved more painfully demanding on her physically than she had anticipated and rather decided on a career that involved her love for the throttle pedal and showcased her artistic abilities. She moved to Laramie, WY to attend WyoTech where she studied Collision/Refinishing, Chassis Fabrication, Street RodFabrication, and Trim/Upholstery, graduating

Jessi Combs Overhaulin

In May 2012, Jessi was the new co-host of the sixth season of Overhaulin’s re-launch together with Chris Jacobs on the Velocity and Discovery Channels.

Jessi Combs Racing

As an expert driver, Combs additionally races in a wide scope of occasions and has appreciated numerous triumphs. Here is a list of those wins;

  • 2017—Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 12th – 4400 Class
  • 2016 – Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 1st – EMC Modified Class [6]
  • 2015 – Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (9 off-road rally race) – 1st – First Participation – 10th overall
  • 2015 – SCORE Baja 1000 – 2nd – Class 7
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 National Championship – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Western Region Series – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 American Rock Sports Challenge – 3rd – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Glen Helen Grand Prix – 2nd – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Stampede – 1st – Legends Class
  • 2013 – Set world land speed record – Fastest Woman on 4-Wheels – 398 mph with a top speed of 440 mph
  • 2011 – SCORE Baja 1000 – 2nd – Class 10

On October 9, 2013, Combs drove the North American Eagle (NAE) Supersonic Speed Challenger at the Alvord desert, guaranteeing the ladies’ 4-wheel land speed record with an official keep running of 398.954 mph (632 km/h) and a top speed of 440.709 mph (709 km/h).

At the top of her class with a degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication.”

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