Job Opening For Machine Learning Engineer In Berlin, Germany

A machine learning engineer is a full-blown software engineer that has specialized in machine learning. The most important responsibilities of a machine learning engineer are roughly these: Running machine learning experiments using a programming language with machine learning libraries.

Our Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for developing and operationalizing online and offline algorithms which integrate with Revolut’s server layer. They are skilled in software engineering, machine learning, network science and applied mathematics. They also possess a passion for building solutions and have a strong aptitude for data technologies.

You will work with the Financial Crime – Transaction monitoring team. We are a full stack team of data engineers, ML engineers, data scientists, backend engineers and financial crime specialists who are solving some of the hardest anti-fraud and anti-money laundering problems in the world.

Our team builds artificial intelligence (AI) driven systems that continuously learn anomalous patterns typical of fraud. In this regard, we need a machine learning engineer to join our team and build new models to detect cloning of Revolut cards, stolen cards or bank accounts being linked to a Revolut account. If you love pitting your wits against an intelligent adversary by utilizing AI, then this is your gig!

You will be responsible for building new machine learning models to solve anti-fraud or anti-money laundering. Our machine learning engineers are end-to-end practitioners which implies they are responsible for coming up with an idea, prototyping the model using Jupyter notebook, implementing it in our data pipeline and measuring its impact in production.

You will work alongside a team of 10+ machine learning engineers and data scientists in Financial Crime and come up with innovative new signals and embeddings. At Revolut, we are firm believers in measuring and rewarding for success and your KPIs will be dictated by how much impact your models are having to our bottom line (fraud rate) while not compromising our good users’ experience.

Our data stack is Python in the backend with Exasol as our data warehouse. We are hosted on Google Cloud Platform and our team relies heavily on DataFlow, Big Query, Apache Beam, Apache Flink & Airflow for their machine learning pipelines.

• Proficient with Python and able to push code into production
• 2+ year(s) experience in applied machine learning/network science solutions via internships or full-time roles
• Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD in STEM (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Economics)
• Quick learner with an ambitious and results driven personality
• Working well as part of a team in a fast-paced environment
• Excellent communication and organizational skills

• We believe that there are better ways for people to control their money. Easier, fairer ways.
• Revolut started in 2015 with fee-free card transactions abroad. We’ve since added current accounts, business accounts, savings, insurance, and even cryptocurrency trading.
• We just reached 6 million customers and we’re adding another million every quarter.
• And we’re only just getting started.
• Come and help Revolut build the world’s first truly global bank.