Medical Ethics Scenario What will you do

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Medical Ethics Scenario What will you do, family in this part of the world matters alot than anything else, a typical Nigerian in the medical field will not obey the ethical principle of fidelity confidentiality

Ethical principle FIDELITY (Confidentiality).

Ethical principle FIDELITY (Confidentiality).

The case study, Medical Ethics Scenario below was culled from a social media group I belong to! I am not the original author! I intend to use it for teaching purposes only!

Theme: Medical Ethics Scenario.


“A patient was admitted into the female medical ward with the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and a Nurse was assigned to be her Nurse throughout the period of hospitalisation with the help of other health care team been a private owned institution.

On discharge, she was placed on some antiretroviral drugs in order to keep her hale and healthy. After a period of time, the patient met with the nurse immediate brother that they started a love affair that was on its way to marriage in which the lady refused to disclose her health status to the man.

On the day the patient was taken home for introduction to the family members, she met the nurse that took care of her during her hospitalization. She called the nurse and told her never to disclose her health status to anyone including her fiancé.

According to Ethical principle FIDELITY (Confidentiality), this patient in question knows her right and can sue the nurse to court which can lead to license been seized from the nurse which will not enable her to perform her duties again in any health institution.


If you are the Nurse, what will you do?


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