Most miserable countries in 2019

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Most miserable countries in 2019, Ranked. John Hopkins University in Baltimore An economist form, US, Steve Hanke, has ranked most miserable country in the world. The ranking is titled, Hanke’s Annual Misery Index, The World’s Saddest (And Happiest) Countries.

Most miserable countries in 2019

This statistic of most miserable countries in the world as rated according to the misery index. In 2018, the most miserable country in the world was considered to be Venezuela, Nigeria ranked 6th on world’s most miserable country index

Most miserable countries in the world

2019 World Press Freedom Index

Quality of life around the world

The economic indicator, misery index was created by Arthur Okun. The misery index is calculated by adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate.

Another famous tool used for the comparison of countries around the world is the Human Development Index, which ranks countries around the world by level of human development. Indicators for the level of human development include life expectancy at birth, literacy rate, education level and gross national income (GNI) per capita.

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1. Venezuela

2. Argentina

3. Iran

4. Brazil

5. Turkey

6. Nigeria

7. South Africa

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

9. Egypt

10. Ukraine

11. Nicaragua

12. Jordan

13. Uruguay

14. Honduras

15. Macedonia (Economist Intelligence Unit)

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