Nafeezat Abdul Suicide, 200 Level Student Of ABU Commits Suicide

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Nafeezat Abdul Suicide, 200 Level Student Of ABU Commits Suicide:


Her Friend said

If you haven’t attempted taking your life before then don’t say a thing on this thread, you think what leads to suicide is a joke?you think to decide to take your own life is child’s play?if you have never thought of suicide then you haven’t reach the peak of your problems in life yet,now you think those who commit suicide are being foolish because you think like an infant,you have no ideal what real depression is, you have no idea of what it means to be marooned at the middle of the Pacific to swim your way to life while sailors cheer you up passing by in their ship,you have no idea to be in a situation where no one believes you or wants to understand you,you have no idea of what it means to seek money for a surgery and people who can afford to give you that tell you all they could offer is a prayer,as I have said you have no idea about this ailment called depression you are on your own in depression no angel or demon can pull you out of that because they don’t feel,God gave only a man the power to do so,but when a man fails,you would be dragged into a sees pool of darkness then perish,but when you survive you become in evitable because you have conquered death in a battle to live and die with a purpose.only those powerful people can relate to what I have written, so I urge all you kids blaming people for comiting suicide to shut it!.the only reason why you blame people for comiting suicide is because you think their choice or options are as clear as yours. You have no idea.

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I know what depression is. I was depressed for straight 8months. I cannot tell my story.I was dying inside but no one was seeing it. when it felt my mind was leaving my body I would tap my arm n say “this too shall pass and addicted, you ll be fine eventually”… All thru d period,d only thing that kept me from thinking of suicide is that I have a family who love me more than life itself.I lost one of my sisters to leukaemia n I saw the impact it had on my parents.I would never want to put them thru such again.


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