Nancy Magana Bio, Teacher Shot Dead, Age, Family

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Nancy Magana Bio

Nancy Magana Bio: Nancy Magaña was a teacher at Del Vallejo Middle School. She taught math and Also coach the volleyball team. She was an intelligent individual, funny, kind and giving by family members statements. Naturally, teaching was her way of continuing to give, Maria Magaña said. Though her path to becoming one was difficult.

Nancy Magana Bio, Teacher Shot Dead, Age, Family

Nancy Magana Age

She was 24 years old.

Nancy Magana Family

She is survived by her mother and father. Her 5-year-old son and Three sisters. Her sister Maria Magana said, “She was always giving for everybody else,”. “Even if she just had a dollar, she would still give that to anybody who needed it.”

Nancy Magana Education

Earlier this year, Nancy Magaña graduated and earned her teaching credentials. She was quickly offered a job at Del Vallejo Middle School, which she accepted.

For her first full-time teaching job, Magaña was hired earlier this year and had just completed her second week of teaching. An athlete, Nancy Magaña played on the soccer team at San Bernardino Valley College. Her collegiate career was briefly put on pause when she became pregnant with her son.

Nancy Magana Death, Nancy Magana Cause of Death

Nancy Magana of San Bernardino died following the shooting, which was first reported about 2 a.m. at 30th and Flores streets, just north of Delmann Heights Park, police said.

She was shot in San Bernardino early Saturday, police said. A family member said the shooting happened while the middle school teacher was sitting in her truck at a park with her boyfriend and son.

On Friday evening, Nancy Magaña, along with her son and her boyfriend, went out to Dave & Buster’s, said Maria Magaña. Afterward, the three made their way to Delmann Heights Park to hang out and close the evening, her sister said.

Nancy Magana Facebook

“She was her son’s superhero. He thought that nothing could ever hurt her,” Maria Magaña said. “To him she was the fastest and strongest, and everyone else came second … He always said my mom is the number one love of his life. “

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