Nigeria reacts Former First Lady of Taraba State as got married

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Former First Lady of Taraba State, Mrs Suntai who husband died in Plane crash injury..not even up to 5yrs . now married to the PA of late husband! Men be careful. Fear Women,

According to lekan twitter handle. Many Nigerians reacted to his tweet.

,I’m not sure this guy has ever had anything to do with Taraba govt house let alone being P.A. Anyone knows otherwise, please?

instead of you to attend to customers you’re busy gossiping about this woman’s private life and carrying the matter of somebody who has lived his life, died, been buried and didn’t even know you

5 years is enough to honour her late husband.
Women are to wait for 4 months, while men can remarry after 2 months in Islam.
Either the man is her husband former driver or mai guard, all that matters is her happiness.
This is better than turning herself to a sugar mummy.

It doesn’t mean that they started the relationship before his accidents. She has the right to move on. I can see gender bias here. 5 yrs is more than enough, she’s young and she needs to be happy again.

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